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Post-Memorial Day – Let’s Memorialize Everyone Murdered by the State

On his blog yesterday, Jacob Hornberger compared libertarian patriotism to statist patriotism. The statists’ version of patriotism is one in which no matter what U.S. troops are doing overseas, being patriotic means blindly supporting the troops and obediently taking the word of government bureaucrats. The libertarian view of patriotism, however, is one in which government bureaucrats’ assertions and policies must be questioned and challenged. And whenever the government’s policies are wrong, that is, immoral, impractical, corrupt, illicit, etc., then it is our patriotic duty to say so and not support the government’s wrongdoing. If U.S. soldiers are engaged in actions which are immoral and in fact counter-productive to protecting Americans’ security, then it’s actually patriotic to say so. And in his blog post today, Hornberger discusses how U.S. troops did not die defending our freedom. But apparently generations of Americans are indoctrinated to believe that they did.

Laurence Vance writes about the “patriotic blasphemy” of the militarism in the churches.

Wendy McElroy discusses the effectiveness of idealism, particularly in advocating a more peaceful and civilized, i.e. libertarian society. And regarding the old “gradualism vs. abolitionism” debate, one type of gradualism is that the society can become more libertarian gradually, it obviously can’t do so immediately. The other form of gradualism, that involves policy, is for example either we keep a particular government intrusion but make it a little less intrusive or make the involuntary-coerced tax a little lower, then we’d be better off even though we’d still be a slave of bureaucrats by law. Abolition means end the criminal life and property intrusions and thuggery taxes immediately. If a criminal act is in progress, end it.

Chris Hedges praises Thomas Paine and wonders whether we are headed into actual revolutionary times. (As opposed to some others on the Left who are more concerned about people who might be sexists, racists and “homophobes,” etc.)

Lew Rockwell talks about speaking truth to monetary power. There is really no need for “monetary policy,” no need for central planners’ interventions.

Jeff Berwick points out how people who say things like “without government who will build and maintain the roads?” really misunderstand what they think about the real purpose of government (to forcibly extort earnings and wealth away from some and live high off the hog and expand one’s power, etc. etc.).

Walter Williams discusses the crazies in today’s government schools who are indoctrinating the kids with this “white privilege” nonsense. I really can’t believe all this. So your taxes (and not just local taxes but the state and federal governments give aid to the school systems as well) are paying for this extremely lunatic stuff? You like that? And the people on the Left call anti-Common Core protesters crazies and nutjobs! Arg!

And Lenore Skenazy writes about CPS investigating Will and Jada Smith for a photo involving their 13-year-old daughter lying on a bed with a 20-year-old guy. CPS is itself a criminal racket and needs to be abolished.

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