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The Relationship Between Violence and Psychiatric Drugs

There was yet another mass shooting at Ft. Hood. Another “gun-free zone” (despite the fact that it’s a military facility!) in which people have been disarmed and made defenseless against a rampaging psychopath. As Alex Jones notes in video below, the shooter was on prescription psychiatric drugs. In many of the school shootings in recent years the shooters were found to have been on those drugs, particularly the SSRIs. Those SSRI antidepressants are known to have very dangerous side effects, including causing extremely aggressive, violent and suicidal behavior. But for some reason the news media do not seem to want to cover this angle of these tragic stories.

Even in the case of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza the officials still will not release information on Lanza as to what medications he was taking. After the shooting, friends and acquaintances were interviewed and they pointed out that Lanza was indeed “on medication.” In the Connecticut Attorney General office’s refusal to release info on Lanza’s autopsy and his medical and mental health records, the reason was because,”‘it would cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications,’according to Kelly O’Meara at CCHR. And then there was another school rampage, this time a mass stabbing. I’m sure it will come out that the stabber has been on some form of medication.

In this recent interview with James Corbett, Julie Wood discusses the SSRI stories, the websites and

And in this video Alex Jones reviews the kinds of medication the most recent Ft. Hood shooter was on, and he shows a clip from a press conference in which the spokesman admits that the shooter was in fact on those dangerous antidepressants. Jones gets to the gist of why the absence of discussion of the dangerous psychopharmaceuticals involved in these mass shootings, stabbings etc. It really does have to do with the gun control agenda. This gun control agenda of the Left — making sure that innocent civilians are disarmed and only police and military are allowed to possess firearms, like progressives seem to love the police now — is really what it’s all about. It’s that important to them.

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