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Ignorant Sarah Shoots Her Mouth Off at NRA Convention

William Grigg responds to Sarah Palin’s comments to the NRA, in which she said that if she were in charge, “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

So Sarah, Ms. “American Patriot Constitutionalist,” just how do you know that someone who is being tortured at Gitmo or wherever is a “terrorist”? Are they convicted terrorists? Or are they just accused of terrorism? Should you torture someone who has only been accused of terrorism but not actually convicted? And what if many of the ones being tortured were not even accused of anything, or even actual suspects but were just seized by U.S. guerrillas at random? And what do you think should happen to people that Harry Reid designates as a “domestic terrorist”? Should that person also be tortured?

And whatever happened to the “Christian moral values” that we hear so much about from these conservative Palinites? William Grigg wrote, “Nuremberg Barbie’s punchline mocked both a sacred gesture of Christian commitment and the ineffaceable humanity of those accused of terrorism and other grievous crimes. Christian tradition and teaching have recognized for centuries that torture is not only ineffective in practical terms, but an abominable sin and a horrible crime.”

Does Sarah Palin (and most other Americans for that matter) understand that the waterboarded detainees who had been taken by U.S. forces overseas without charge or in most cases without suspicion are actually innocent of any wrongdoing? Apparently not. And I wonder how Sarah would react if a foreign regime’s soldiers and other officers were to seize and detain one of her own kids without charges or suspicion.

I’m really tired now, so I’ll just put in some links.

I don’t know, I really haven’t been writing very much about these matters lately, as I’m so sick of it, and sick of the ignorance throughout America by sheeple chickenhawk “patriots,” with such ignorance on display right here by Mrs. Palin.

As Grigg observed, America really is an “exceptional” nation. (Exceptionally ignorant.)

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