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What Is Really Going on in Venezuela?

There does not seem to be adequately verifiable information coming out of Venezuela regarding the protests and government’s crackdown on them. Apparently, much of the information from both sides is controlled by the State-controlled media (much like it is here in the U.S.).

But Charles Johnson of has translated several publications from various alternative sources and writers on what they say is really going on in Venezuela. I’m sure he will continue with updates at

Here are Charles Johnson’s posts an this subject up to now:

Translation of Caracas, 15-F: Impressions from the street (Humberto Decarli, in El Libertario)

Translation of Report from San Cristobal, Tachira (Anonymous, reprinted by El Libertario)

Translation of Message from CDH-UCAB: on torture and cruel and inhuman treatment of the detainees from 12-F (Centro de DDHH de la UCAB, reprinted in EL LIBERTARIO)

Translation of “Quick Overview of the Situation in Venezuela for the Curious and Ill-informed” (Rafael Uzcategui, El Libertario)

Translation of “One comrade sounds off: What’s happening now in Venezuela?” (Victor Camacho, in El Libertario)

And I found this article from a few days ago. Very shocking what seems to be going on there, and the U.S. media are fast asleep. The Olympics are more important.

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