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Time for Some Interesting Stuff

Here are some articles to end the week.

Thomas DiLorenzo comments on why Amerikans celebrate Lincoln’s birthday.

Brandon Smith suggests non-participation and decentralization as primers for revolution.

William Grigg on the hypocritical regime‘s considering Facebook trash talk as “terrorism,” while the President’s mass murder is “policy.”

Jacob Hornberger says that the military’s power to imprison Americans is not freedom.

Doug Bandow writes about zealous “insider trading” prosecutors. Things have not changed since the days of Giuliani, unfortunately.

Sheldon Richman has written two articles on voting, The Cruel Joke of Sacralizing Voting and Don’t Get Out the Vote. “If voting could change things, it would be illegal” and so on.

Wendy McElroy states that in California children have to sue in order to learn.

HuffPo: U.S. plummets in global press freedom rankings. (thanks to the dictator-in-chief, you-know-who.)

Judge Andrew Napolitano writes about the government’s assault on freedom of the Press

Laurence Vance writes about walking in the shoes of a soldier.

David Swanson writes about the mythological basis for foreign policy and war.

Infowars has these questions for statists.

Glyn Moody of Techdirt writes about U.K. police and businesses who want access to all Brits’ medical records. (And I’m sure the U.S. police and businesses, and your neighbors, will get your information as well.)

Tim Carney comments on more ignorance from the New York Times, this time on how the Times defines “ultraconservative.”

Mac Slavo on a huge sunspot and its solar flares possibly wiping out much of the population.

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