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Those Crazy Islamic Fundamentalists!

In this article, Philip Giraldi discusses the rise in Christian religious zealotry in the U.S. military. I’m really shocked to read just how pervasive the moral relativism of the zealots is now. These are the kinds of people like those at the South Carolina debate in which the neanderthals in the audience booed Ron Paul who promoted the Golden Rule in U.S. foreign policy.

God forbid our own government should be encouraged to follow the same rule of law we require other governments to follow. God forbid our military should actually consist of people who obeyed the U.S. constitution they had sworn to obey. And regarding the Golden Rule, soldiers, if you really believe that it is wrong for foreign soldiers to invade U.S. territory, break into your homes, rape your wives and daughters and seize your firearms, then you should be consistent and not you yourselves commit those crimes against foreigners overseas (or your own fellow Americans!).

Are there really still that many Evangelical Christians in the military (and the general U.S. population, for that matter) who are “Armageddonists” and who can’t wait for the “End Times” and the so-called “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ? I know there are a lot of wackos in America who think those things, but not that many. Or are there?

And by that I mean, it’s one thing to believe that the “End Times” will occur. But it’s another thing to actually want it to happen. (Especially when, as opposed to 100 or 200 years ago, now “End Times” would include nuclear weapons, supposedly.)

I know that many Christian Zionists have a frothingly blind support for Israel mainly because they want to see “the Jews” be converted to the Christian religion. (Dubya has been trying to do that already.) That’s the only way “the Jews” will be “saved,” you know. Giraldi quoted a general in the general’s personal war against Islam, the general stating that “My God is bigger than yours,” and that the Islamic God is merely an “idol.” (I wonder what this general thinks about Jews.)

Giraldi mentions some of the military chaplains, and some of the generals who have been proselytizing their fellows in the military, as well as handing out Bibles in Afghanistan and so forth. To me, it is as though these Christian religious zealots mimic the Muslim fanatics in their attempts to convert people. That’s what it reminds me of.

But, getting back to these military people’s Christian-based moral relativism, what have they done about the crimes of sexual assault against some officers’ and soldiers’ own fellow comrades? Call me crazy, but I think there’s something wrong with you if you would assault a fellow American, and a comrade-in-arms as well. But the superiors have tended to blame the victim, telling them that he deserved it or had asked for it, and those higher-up cover-uppers are what I have called “criminal coddlers.” If someone assaults another human being, including ramming a bottle into his rectum, that’s kind of criminal, you know.

As I have mentioned before, it’s bad enough, and criminal enough, when U.S. military soldiers assault, shoot, bomb, or kill foreigners on their territory (that these U.S. soldiers invaded), But when you assault and torture your own fellow soldiers, that’s obviously just as criminal, but it’s as though you are attacking your own brothers, for crying out loud. Perhaps some soldiers can’t handle their own guilty consciences.

Can you imagine if the SHTF and America collapses, the military being put in charge (or the local police for that matter) and martial law put in place, given how they treat each other, just how they will treat you the civilian?

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