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Sandy Hook: Independently Investigate Those Who Act Like They’re Covering Something Up

I realize that there are those who view some of my writing as “conspiratorial,” and they won’t take some of those matters seriously. Mainly that is because many people prefer the coddling and syrupy stuff fed to them by mainstream news organs, and they feel “uncomfortable” with those who challenge the status quo, or who question the government and media’s official narrative. But if there is the chance that people are not being told the truth, and that news media are not questioning and probing for facts, then someone has to do the real investigating.

Furthermore, actual conspiracies really have happened, whether people are comfortable with that fact or not. The Obama DOJ conspired in an illegal gun-running op known as “Fast and Furious. Members of the U.S. CONgress conspired to knowingly ram a terribly written health care bill into law, known as “The Affordable Care Act.” Oliver North and others conspired to sell arms to Iran and divert the funds to the Nicaraguan Contras. Richard Nixon’s flunkies conspired to break into psychiatrists offices and steal private information, and Nixon himself conspired with his henchmen to cover up those crimes.  And “The Rev.” Jim Jones and others conspired to murder hundreds of his followers at Jonestown with cyanide-laced “Kool-Aid.” (That is where the phrase, “Drinking the Kool-Aid” came from. Now you know.)

Regarding the very emotional issue of Sandy Hook, there are those who believe that government officials and investigators have not been forthcoming. Some “conspiracy” accusers believers that one motivation of such behavior might be to further the activists’ gun control agenda.

And now, there is one investigator who happens to be an expert on school security, Wolfgang Halbig, who says that not only have Sandy Hook shooting investigators not been forthcoming about the facts, but some have actually visited him and made threats against him to cease his investigating. Now, when government agents act like they are covering something up, then of course we must find out what’s going on. If they are covering something up, then what is it they are covering up? And I Googled this Wolfgang Halbig, and he seems like a credible expert, not some goofball or wacko, or someone with something to gain from his involvement.

Halbig has asserted that important questions need to be asked regarding Sandy Hook. For example, he wants to know why no medical helicopters were brought to the Sandy Hook school at the time of the shooting, which apparently is standard procedure at such times. And why were emergency medical personnel prevented from entering the school at the time? And why did the school get torn down? Following other similar incidents, places of similar crimes are not torn down.

But, after months of intensive investigating, can Halbig seriously conclude that the Sandy Hook shooting massacre was an elaborate hoax? And that no one actually died? Again, I spent a bit of time searching about this investigator, and the information I saw indicates that he has a very good record, very credible, as an expert in school security and risk management.

But such an occurrence which he is alleging is extremely bizarre and far-fetched. How could so many people be involved in such an alleged hoax? If the kids didn’t actually get killed, then where are they? If the parents and others there are all involved in this elaborate scheme, then one possible explanation would be financial motives. And as mentioned above, a very believable motive as to the actual instigators of the alleged scheme would be to further the gun control agenda that fanatics want to bring about.

Now, if you’re continuing to read this far into this post, then it shows that you really do have an open mind. But there are those who can’t even hear these kinds of discussions, as such a thought of such things is so disturbing to them, they just can’t tolerate it. But freedom of speech means that ALL possible explanations of events should be explored and discussed.

These issues, of a possible hoax and the right or the duty of people to discuss all the facts, came up about a year ago, in late January of 2013 which was about a month after the Sandy Hook shooting, when a former candidate for Connecticut attorney general, Martha Dean, posted a controversial video about the alleged hoax on her Facebook page.

In this excellent interview of her which I have posted once before, Ms. Dean discusses how, despite the pain among those involved with certain cases that investigations or discussions might bring up, it is nevertheless important to have public, free discussions of these issues. Dean also mentions the gun control issue, and she also discusses how political minorities (such as conservative Republicans in Connecticut) must “stand their ground” on principle in these kinds of circumstances.

If the video does not appear below, you can see it at this link.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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