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Month: February 2014

Some More Interesting Items

I just haven’t had the time for new posts lately. Sorry about that. But here are some more interesting items to check out:

Avigail Abarbanel writes about “opposition by consensus in Israeli democracy.”

Here is a Washington Times article on how fascist S.W.A.T police unconstitutionally and criminally forced a woman to leave her home while they occupied her residence to investigate something from the next-door home.

Infowars asks: Was Jay Leno dismissed by the Regime?

Pat Buchanan writes about staying out of other people’s wars.

Daniel McAdams writes about Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland’s foul mouth and how the fedgov is running Ukraine opposition. And a follow-up.

Thomas Knapp writes about Apple and patents.

Kevin Carson has five libertarian reforms millennials should be fighting for.

Some More Issues to Discuss

Sibel Edmonds has this post on how a lot of Americans seem to have a sense of superiority and “exceptionalism,” viewing the many inhabitants of various foreign lands as barbaric and primitive, yet these Americans view their government as good and righteous, regardless of the atrocities committed by our government especially during the past 70 years or so.

Judge Andrew Napolitano writes about Executive Order tyranny. Obama is a fascist and a tyrant, in my view. I’m sure that if Bush were bypassing Congress with one decree after another, then Senator Obama would probably call for impeachment.

Jacob Hornberger discusses trade-deficit nonsense.

Christopher Westley discusses how labor and energy regulations take us to the cleaners.

Wendy McElroy discusses the immorality of public education.

Laurence Vance has these libertarian answers to liberal and conservatives questions.

Sheldon Richman asks whether Edward Snowden is a lawbreaker. I think not. The real criminals are the tyrants and psychopaths he has exposed.

And Justin Raimondo discusses the new dark age.

Much to Catch Up On

Here are some more articles worthy of consideration this week:

Sheldon Richman makes very good points regarding Obama’s “give America a raise” stuff.

Jacob Hornberger writes about U.S. government’s military socialism in Afghanistan

Thomas DiLorenzo comments on David Brooks’s power-worshiping perverting of history.

Jim Davies says that every politician is a Nazi.

Russ Baker asks, does Dzokhar Tsarnaev death sentence equal silence?

Justin Raimondo with detailed information on the Barrett Brown case.

Karen Kwiatkowski on the petrified statists Cass Sunstein and Sean Wilentz and their petrified statist cohorts.

Robert Murphy adds more to the minimum wage debate.

And Lawrence Reed adds a Socratic dialogue to the minimum wage debate.

Frank Hollenbeck shows how central banks cause income inequality.

Daisy Luther on the craziness in Wisconsin schools.

Pat Buchanan asks, Will mobocracy triumph in Ukraine?

Ron Paul on the continuing Al-Qaeda threat

Kimberly Paxton writes about cops in Arizona who execute a suspect with his hands in the air.

Mac Slavo on Antonin Scalia’s admission that our current government may very well bring back internment camps.

Steve Watson writes about another Mark Dice petition, this time with students signing on to put gun owners in concentration camps and execute them.

Lily Dane on another Common Core flunky who thinks that the children belong to all of us.

Infowars with an article on black thugs beating up white hippies. (Shh. We’re not allowed to discuss that in public.)

The Cult of the State and the Sexualization of Everything

I really don’t have the time to write something today, but if I must, I must. Sometimes some issues come up and you have to address them.

But the truth is that the State is a cult. Even some libertarians can’t let go of their long-ingrained State dependence. And there are those who must smear whistleblowers and journalists such as Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. The smearers can’t bear to hear the truth that the State is the largest criminal racket, that agents of the State are liars, gangsters, robbers, spies on fellow countrymen, and criminal eavesdroppers. The smear merchants try to make into criminals the messengers of the truth about who the State’s racketeers and thugs are.

Oh, and don’t anyone dare to criticize the U.S. military or local government police (no matter how criminally many of their uniformed goons have been acting). To many who are brainwashed to love and worship the State, any questioning of its armed “authorities” is a no-no.

The State cult is all-encompassing, and it is difficult to get even some of those who believe they are “open-minded” to snap out of it, and de-program them back to reality.

One cultural aspect of the State cult that seems to have become mixed in with it is the sexualization of almost everything. The fedgov’s TSA uses airport and other transportation area security procedures as an excuse to get off in their invasive body searches, their groping, molesting and raping of innocent adults and children who are traveling. Police now strip-search and anal-search arrestees at local jails, even if someone was arrested for a non-violent “offense,” even if someone was arrested for what most commonsense thinking people would think are non-arrestable “offenses.”

And besides the TSA, the other three-letter dirty word agencies also use sexuality to empower the State over the individual and to further advance the agenda that the State wants advanced.

In her article, How the U.S. Uses Sexual Humiliation as a Political Tool to Control the Masses, Naomi Wolf writes,

Forcing people to undress is the first step in breaking down their sense of individuality and dignity and reinforcing their powerlessness. Enslaved women were sold naked on the blocks in the American south, and adolescent male slaves served young white ladies at table in the south, while they themselves were naked: their invisible humiliation was a trope for their emasculation. Jewish prisoners herded into concentration camps were stripped of clothing and photographed naked, as iconic images of that Holocaust reiterated.

And there is also the State’s use of suspicionless and warrantless searches and storage of private data as a means to blackmail anyone and everyone, government officials, whomever gets in the State’s way. The Supreme Court was originally going to get in the fedgov’s way and prevent fascists from shoving Soviet medicine down everyone’s throats, but the Court’s Chief Bureaucrat changed his vote. So it’s possible that information from the NSA was used to blackmail the Chief Bureaucrat Roberts, who knows.

Usually, it’s probably something of a sexual nature, because one’s sexuality is a very private matter, very personal, and it can be embarrassing if one’s private personal matters of such nature are made public, or get in the wrong hands. Such a personal, private area of one’s life can be used by predators for control. As with the TSA, the sickos are amongst the Rulers.

Many readers already know about the government schools and their going beyond just “sex education,” in their inclusion of explicit sexual materials in their State cultish curricula. But as we have seen with the federal Department of Education and Common Core takeovers and infiltrating their State-worship and anti-individual propaganda of local schools, and with Melissa Harris-Perry pushing the “community owns the kids” meme, and the decadence and psychopathology amongst today’s pop culture, no wonder there are so many people, so many demented characters and misfits now who want to get themselves government jobs or contracts with government.

When Melissa Harris-Perry says that the “community” owns the children, she really means that the State owns them. But the State doesn’t just own the kids, the State owns everybody. It isn’t just a collectivist ideology, this State cult thing, it is authoritarian, and fascist.

The latest item that is in the news that has gotten me to spend all this time writing this now when I don’t have time for this, is a report in the Boston Herald.

According to today’s Boston Herald, an official Massachusetts Department of Children and Families handbook states that people who have not only criminal records but have been convicted of the following crimes may be allowed to be foster parents for children: “Offenses such as inducing sex from a minor … violent offenses, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed burglary and involuntary manslaughter,” and more.

So the government’s own child foster care agency is placing kids into homes in which a parent has a violent criminal record, and also “inducing sex from a minor.”

The reason this story is coming up now is because of a 5-year-old foster child who has been missing since last September. Apparently, the children in that foster home had been abused by the mother and her gang-member boyfriend. Several social workers involved in the case have finally been fired, and the state agency is “reviewing” cases involving 3 to 6-year-olds in foster care. (More info here, here, and here. and the link at the beginning of this paragraph.)

You see, as with the recent government-managed transportation fiasco at the Super Bowl, government can’t be relied upon to run anything. Except into the ground.

Most people seem to be speculating that the missing 5-year-old had been killed, supposedly by either the mother’s boyfriend or the mother herself.

There have been many cases like this out of the government-run foster care agencies throughout the country.

So either the criminal CPS rackets in America are willfully exposing children to sexual perverts, or they’re reporting on innocent parents who merely take pictures of their own kids taking a bath. That’s how our society is now – what’s bad is good, and what’s good is bad. It’s nuts.

And there are the anonymous tipsters who report on innocent families just because they don’t like them or because the families are homeschoolers, the lesbian social workers who just don’t like men, and the financial interests involved in rewarding government social workers with federal funds.

A lot of the wackos who believe that the State owns the kids are also part of the crowd who wants to push explicit sexual materials and ideologies onto the kids in government schools. There are many parents themselves who also believe that sexual behaviors should be encouraged in teens, and to some of the ideologues a child is never too young to be exposed to sexual matters or encouraged to become sexually active. But this kind of ideology is really invasive of children and in a most private way. Alice Miller addressed some of that in her books, The Drama of the Gifted Child, Thou Shalt Not Be Aware, and For Your Own Good.

To me there is definitely a connection between the state governments CPS rackets and the government schools emotional and cognitive imprisonment of school kids.

Dave Hodges had this article last year on the Oklahoma state Department of Human Services and the many missing children from its child protective (sic) services who may very well have gotten taken into sex-trafficking.

And see the American Dream Blog on the government schools becoming training centers for sexual deviancy, on how American women are being destroyed by the sexual revolution and our promiscuous culture, and on how government police are treating women like dogs.

And yes, it’s all related. The repressive cultural degeneracy in the name of “sexual freedom” and the police state’s rape of the people.

Here is a article on a study showing why child abuse investigations don’t help children.

(Although we do have a DSM-V to tell us that normal kids are really dysfunctional and disturbed. But according to the State, sickos and pervs who rape and molest kids are just fine.)

As noted above, as part of the decline in America and the cult of the State, we have an increasingly criminal and invasive government especially on the federal level but as well as state governments, with their bureaucrats who delight in the kinds of deeply personal invasiveness they can now get away with, especially when it involves preying on the young who are most impressionable and dependent.

Finally, I am reminded of Nancy Schaefer, the late Georgia state senator who was working to expose the CPS criminal racket and was on to the CPS-child sex trafficking connection. But there were indications she was (probably) “suicided” because of it. That was back in 2010. What have we heard about all that since then?

Here is Sen. Schaefer (following the introduction by the other lady) speaking about her defeated state senate bill with new restrictions to hold CPS accountable in Georgia.

More on Our Crazy Government Bureaucrats

Some interesting items recently:

Kelley Vlahos writes about the “FOIA terrorist.”

Justin Raimondo on the paranoid crackpot Cass Sunstein (My prediction is that Sunstein is next in line to replace the next retiring windbag on the Supreme Court.)

Bob Unruh discusses the police state in Texas involving no-knock raids, legally owned firearms, and drugs. (And Texas of all places, not exactly Bloomberg territory.)

Michael Snyder at Economic Collapse Blog asks Why are banking execs in London killing themselves?

John Glaser says don’t get too comfortable with the GOP’s new love for libertarians

Bionic Mosquito writes about Stalin, Communism, and World War II

Eric Margolis writes about ghosts haunting the Sochi games.

Hmmm. Which Lying Shyster Should I Vote For This Time?

Some people seem to think that I’m a real drag when it comes to my criticisms of society, America’s decline and elections. There are those who look forward to the next election so they can go to the polls really believing they will make a difference.

Uh-uh. You’re just wasting your time. And if you want to continue living in a fantasy world, that’s up to you.

Liberty activist Judy Morris has this blog post titled, “Voting Doesn’t Matter Because All Elections Are Controlled by R and D Big Money, Big Banksters, Big Corporations and Big Defense Contractors.” And she goes on explaining just how these elections don’t matter, how democracy is a majority voting to make use of the State’s police powers to take other people’s stuff, how the two major parties in control shut out challengers to the status quo, and how the corporations and fat cats are really buying the elections. But then she goes on to make suggestions on changing campaign funding laws and encouraging support for third parties. So she’s being very realistic until the very last three or four paragraphs, which just didn’t make sense to me.

I especially liked Ms. Morris’s comparing Dinesh D’Souza to the billionaires the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, George Soros et al. D’Souza has recently been attacked by the fascist Obama DOJ for campaign finance violations because of a mere amount of $20,000. Yet, the Kochs and Adelson and their hack organizations threw tens of millions of dollars down the drain to fund the loser, Willard Romney. Obviously, the only reason Obama’s corrupt and criminal DOJ is going after D’Souza is because of D’Souza’s film 2016 on Obama.

Morris writes:

By law, an individual can only contribute $2,500 to a candidate.  Even if ordinary folks could afford a $2,500 campaign contribution to a candidate, which they can’t, the lion’s share of political money comes from PAC’s, special interests, banksters, defense contractors etc. and these are the folks who own and control the RNC and DNC machines.

While the Huffington Post reported that the 2012 presidential election cost $2 billion,Politico reported that the cost of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections was $6 billion, here. Open Secrets, an organization that specifically tracks political money, also reported that the 2012 presidential and congressional elections cost $6 billion, here.

It’s clearly evident that the rich and powerful hijacked and now own our election system.  The RNC and DNC machines are nothing but money laundering machines for special interests.

If an individual voter can only contribute a maximum of $2,500 to a candidate and if Denesh D’Souza is being prosecuted for his role in a puny $20,000 campaign finance fiasco, how is it that the Koch Brothers can legally pony up a staggering $400 million and casino magnet Adelson can pony up $100 million to influence election outcomes?

Most recently, this corporate financial influence in elections can be seen in the ObamaCare and anti-gun rights propaganda being pushed by the Soviet NFL for the upcoming Super Bowl. Here is Alex Jones on that:

But for elections, one of Judy Morris’s solutions is to “ban all fund raising by anybody except the candidates and they should only be allowed to raise money from individual voters.” But all that has some First Amendment problems, because really individuals and groups have a right to spend or waste their money on whatever they want.

But Ms. Morris’s suggestion to vote for third parties is not practical, as those parties or candidates who are anti-State and pro-freedom do not seem to get the attention they deserve or are silenced by the ones in control of the process. The ones in control are those members of the U.S. CONgress and all their minions all across America who love power and are NOT going to give it up voluntarily. They will not vote to loosen election laws to make life easier for third parties or anti-Establishment candidates.

And the Rulers in control, such as “Speaker” Boehner and Mitch McConjob and others will not vote or support policies which advance freedom. Sooner or later, people are really going to have to accept the truth of the matter.

And regarding the idea of using elections to reverse the trend of ever-growing government intrusiveness and criminality, I wrote in my March, 2010 article, November, 2010: More Rearranging of Deck Chairs (with a follow up just recently here),

When Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, the “conservative” president not only didn’t cut entire cabinet-level departments as promised, he added three new cabinet-level departments. After cutting taxes, a year later Reagan signed what was then to be America’s biggest tax increase. Reagan also signed one deficit-laden budget after another, and during Reagan’s presidency, the National Debt skyrocketed along with all the regulations and bureaucracy he promised to cut.

Following the 1994 “Republican Revolution,” the federal government continued to grow out of control, and, after 2000, the younger President George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” – i.e. more socialist redistribution of wealth schemes – and expanding the military industrial complex only fed Leviathan much more.

Then, in November of 2010, mainly because of the passage of ObamaCare the voters elected many new Republicans to Congress. Some of the candidates pledged to repeal the Affordable (sic) Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare.

Well, it’s 2014 now, and have they repealed ObamaCare?

However, we do have a proposal now by three U.S. senators to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare.

Ooooh, another Republican plan to replace socialism and fascism with fascism and socialism.

Senators Richard Burr, Orrin Hatch and Tom Coburn present several aspects of their own version of government-controlled medical care. But it is not a free market health care plan. It just changes a few aspects to make it a little less intrusive, a little less socialist on the surface but the government still controls things by telling individuals and businesses what they may or may not do.

You see, with the unrealistic conservatives, Republicans and “libertarians,” political compromise is the solution. Not the solution to better medical care, just the solution to help politicians get themselves reelected. Sadly, the naive and the gullible just can’t seem able to get that.

So, as far as this new Republican plan to replace ObamaCare with the same thing but with the deck chairs rearranged, many conservative and Republican sheeple are all for it. For example, the clueless conservatives of the New York Post editorial board conclude, “GOP candidates heading into their campaigns this fall now have a genuine alternative that would offer universal ­coverage.”

“Universal coverage”? Is that even possible? Who the hell but socialists and communists talks about “universal coverage”? (Is there even universal coverage in Cuba? In Venezuela? England? Was there in the old Soviet Union?)

Avik Roy of Forbes says this is the “most credible plan yet,” when no, it is NOT the “most credible plan.” The most credible plan is to get the government out of medical care completely! Roy also says that this new Republican plan raises taxes, and “that’s a good thing.” Doh!

And there’s a congressman from Georgia who is running for the U.S. Senate, and he says that his background as a physician gives him credibility in going on to help to repeal ObamaCare. Yeah, that attitude sure helped with Sen. Bill Frist, MD. And what has Rand Paul, MD done? Nuttin’!

Laurence Vance explains the Republicans’ history of support for government-controlled medical care. Vance concludes by noting that the real constitutional alternative to government health care is medical freedom. And that’s it.

And Jacob Hornberger explains even more specifically what a genuine free market in medical care would be. That means repealing ALL the socialist and fascist governmental intrusions into the lives of the people. (And such repeals would apply in every other area in which these greedy, corrupt government bureaucrats intrude themselves. Everything!)

But worse, and more depressing is that this new RepublicanCare is dependent on 2014 elections, or more likely dependent on 2016 elections. By that time, America will already be a full third world country. Get rid of damn ObamaCare NOW, for crying out loud!

So, as we saw from the 2010 elections, elections don’t matter. And legislation doesn’t matter. It’s all a scam.

Hmmm. By the way, let’s take a look at the aforementioned U.S. Senators Burr, Hatch and Coburn campaign finances for 2009-2014 as given by

For Richard Burr:

Top 5 Industries, 2009-2014, Campaign Cmte

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Retired $560,356 $560,356 $0
Health Professionals $469,649 $272,949 $196,700
Insurance $398,251 $175,251 $223,000
Lawyers/Law Firms $395,898 $279,648 $116,250
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $386,621 $98,550 $288,071


And for Orrin Hatch:

Top 5 Contributors, 2009-2014, Campaign Cmte

Contributor Total Indivs PACs
OC Tanner Inc $72,010 $72,010 $0
Cancer Treatment Centers of America $65,000 $65,000 $0
Cerberus Capital Management $65,000 $65,000 $0
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $56,500 $21,000 $35,500
Fresenius Medical Care $55,500 $45,500 $10,000

Top 5 Industries, 2009-2014, Campaign Cmte

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Securities & Investment $1,185,346 $982,275 $203,071
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $811,401 $263,960 $547,441
Lobbyists $499,461 $485,307 $14,154
Insurance $483,788 $123,614 $360,174
Lawyers/Law Firms $478,121 $257,990 $220,131


And for Tom Coburn:

Top 5 Industries, 2009-2014, Campaign Cmte

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Health Professionals $196,072 $83,072 $113,000
Oil & Gas $171,550 $67,800 $103,750
Leadership PACs $123,908 $200 $123,708
Insurance $106,650 $8,150 $98,500
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $102,601 $2,601 $100,000


Not that any of that means anything. So people need to face it that these elections really are meaningless.

As Murray Rothbard observed,

…first, left-liberals, in power, make a Great Leap Forward toward collectivism; then, when, in the course of the political cycle, four or eight years later, conservatives come to power, they of course are horrified at the very idea of repealing anything; they simply slow down the rate of growth of statism, consolidating the previous gains of the Left, and providing a bit of R&R for the next liberal Great Leap Forward….

And these elections are meaningless because when we can dig up one or two “good” people who mean well, when they get in there to “repeal” stuff, they will not really repeal anything. They get addicted to the power that such governmental authority gives them. They now get to tell people what to do, and have their orders enforced by armed goons, and they love it. Better than drugs.

I hope that soon people will really see what a sham central planning and federalism are. The whole scheme is really a criminal scheme in which some people use the armed power of the State to take from others, and that’s it! And it is an apparatus with which the psychopaths amongst us satisfy their cravings for power and control over others. If you want to believe otherwise, then I guess you prefer to be gullible.

More News That’s Fit to Be Digitized

More interesting articles this week:

John Whitehead says that the government is the biggest threat to our freedom. (Who knew?)

Jacob Hornberger points out two opposite systems in U.S. history, and asks some questions.

Wendy McElroy has some doubts about jury nullification.

Laurence Vance asks if unemployment benefits should be extended.

Patrice Lewis writes about the burgeoning underground economy.

Eric Draitser has an article on the Ukraine and the rebirth of fascism in Europe.

Another Sibel Edmonds rant on NSA and Edward Snowden.

John Prados recalls the 1970s when members of CONgress actually stood up to the “intelligence” community.

And Alex Jones interviews Joel Skousen who says that North Korea is the trigger for nuclear war. Like our Rulers really WANT a nuclear war.