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Orwellian “Child Welfare” in the People’s Republic

In an earlier post, I mentioned the ongoing Boston Herald investigation of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) guidelines allowing foster children to be placed in the homes of those convicted of “violent offenses, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed burglary and involuntary manslaughter;” and “inducing sex from a minor.”

Only in the People’s Republic of Loonychusetts.

Obviously, there should be no government “Department of Children and Families,” or any government bureaucrat with control over the lives of children in need of a home. That goes without saying.

The ongoing Herald investigations are associated with the 5-year-old Fitchburg boy who has been missing since September and presumed dead. Prior to that, there had been several ignored reports of abuse in the child’s home.

The Herald has documented several troubling cases throughout the state.

Besides that case, there is the case of a teenage girl placed in a foster home in which the foster father was allegedly secretly filming the girl in the bathroom. He has also been charged with posing as a teenage boy online to lure girls into making porn films with him.

And the case in which an 11-year-old autistic boy alleges that another youth in that foster home sexually assaulted him. The Department of Children and Families dismissed it as “consensual sex.”

Hmmm. An 11-year-old.

“Consensual” sex.

Given everything I have read about these agencies, I am convinced that those DCF flunkies really believe that.

It gets even more bizarre.  Here’s another case, as reported by the Herald:

The Worcester child welfare office spent years advocating that four at-risk foster children be allowed to visit their mother and father, even after documents obtained by the Herald show the agency’s own investigators found the parents had sexually and physically abused the kids in what an adoptive mother of one called a “house of horrors.”

“I think it’s just an absolute disgrace. We’ve let these children down. DCF has really dropped the ball,” said the former foster mother, who last year adopted the youngest child — an autistic toddler she has cared for since birth.

The three oldest children — now ages 12, 11 and 8 — told investigators with the Department of Children and Families, therapists and social workers about allegations against the parents of rape, molestation and being “taught” sexual acts they performed on each other and the parents, physical beatings, and a lack of food in the home, according to reports by DCF and a DCF contractor that were obtained by the Herald.

Are you sure this isn’t the TSA running things here?

Regarding the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families allowing someone with a past conviction of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and/or molesting children, Gov. Deval Patrick — like many on the Left, sadly — defends that policy, explaining that as long as someone has an “exemplary” record in the years following such convictions, he or she should not be disqualified from being a foster parent:

Hmmm. Would you want to see a little child being placed into a home with someone having been convicted of child molesting or assault and battery?

I Don’t. Think. So.

But people now known as “liberals” do think so.

So the dysfunctional Massachusetts Department of Children and Families is being run by people who ignore the “constant begging” by case workers to investigate their reports of abused kids in foster homes. And, According to the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, there also is a new policy called “viewing bodies” in which the case workers must strip search the foster children on each visit, without probable cause, even though a chief legal counsel has decided “not to declare the ‘viewing bodies’ policy as legal.”

Well, duh, of course it’s “not legal” to strip search a child, yet these case workers are being made to do it anyway.

So they ignore actual cases of sexual abuse, yet strip search children for no reason.

Is this a Twilight Zone episode?

No, it’s Massachusetts.

Boston Herald columnist Holly Robichaud states that from 2009 to 2011 over 100 children under DCF’s watch had died. Robichaud also noted that under the Department of Early Education and Care, “During a one-year time span, there were 119 instances of addresses of EEC-licensed child care facilities matching those of level 2 and 3 sex offenders.”

What is it with so many “liberals” (like Gov. Deval Patrick and his derelict administration) who either encourage or defend the needs of sickos and pervs to intrude upon and corrupt a child’s innocence?

And the Left says that conservatives and traditionalists have “sexual hang-ups”!

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