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Much to Catch Up On

Here are some more articles worthy of consideration this week:

Sheldon Richman makes very good points regarding Obama’s “give America a raise” stuff.

Jacob Hornberger writes about U.S. government’s military socialism in Afghanistan

Thomas DiLorenzo comments on David Brooks’s power-worshiping perverting of history.

Jim Davies says that every politician is a Nazi.

Russ Baker asks, does Dzokhar Tsarnaev death sentence equal silence?

Justin Raimondo with detailed information on the Barrett Brown case.

Karen Kwiatkowski on the petrified statists Cass Sunstein and Sean Wilentz and their petrified statist cohorts.

Robert Murphy adds more to the minimum wage debate.

And Lawrence Reed adds a Socratic dialogue to the minimum wage debate.

Frank Hollenbeck shows how central banks cause income inequality.

Daisy Luther on the craziness in Wisconsin schools.

Pat Buchanan asks, Will mobocracy triumph in Ukraine?

Ron Paul on the continuing Al-Qaeda threat

Kimberly Paxton writes about cops in Arizona who execute a suspect with his hands in the air.

Mac Slavo on Antonin Scalia’s admission that our current government may very well bring back internment camps.

Steve Watson writes about another Mark Dice petition, this time with students signing on to put gun owners in concentration camps and execute them.

Lily Dane on another Common Core flunky who thinks that the children belong to all of us.

Infowars with an article on black thugs beating up white hippies. (Shh. We’re not allowed to discuss that in public.)

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