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More Totalitarianism in Amerika

According to the Boston Globe, “Massachusetts school districts have started fingerprinting teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and other employees, and forwarding the information to the FBI for national background checks. … Massachusetts is the last state to fingerprint school employees to more fully search for past criminal activity, state officials said.”

Do you really have to have fingerprints of someone to do a background check?

This article at the National School Boards Association website states that this applies to private schools as well as government schools.

And all this is already going on in all the other states? Note how the Globe reporter doesn’t bother interviewing a civil liberties advocate because maybe there’s a problem with this kind of policy? (Did they cover History and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in his school?) Perhaps he could have spoken to someone from the Massachusetts ACLU, or Harvey Silverglate?

Am I the only one who sees a problem with being made to submit fingerprint data without being an actual suspect? Isn’t that kind of a search of one’s person? Am I all wet on this? (And all this despite the false positives that sometimes come up in fingerprinting — and DNA testing is not foolproof either, believe it or not.)

In a related article, Michael Snyder at the American Dream Blog writes about how public schools are preparing America’s children for life in a police state. (Absolutely sickening what ignorant statists, fascists, and socialists are doing to America.)

Besides all that fascist stuff, there are other things going on.

Justin Raimondo discusses whether Twitter was censored by the Venezuelan government.

Paul Joseph Watson on JPMorgan Chase now requiring IDs to deposit cash, as well as banning depositing cash into someone else’s account. (Part of the fascist Amerikan police state, thanks to idiots like George W. Bush, Oliver North, Joe Lieberman, Limpy Graham et al.)

Thomas DiLorenzo discusses the fascist smear merchants of the two Loyolas.

Laurence Vance with suggestions on how to dismantle the American empire. (Thank God.)

And Kurt Nimmo writes on the possibly-blackmailed members of CONgress who are stalling NSA reform bills. (Actually, “reform” is impossible. That agency needs to be abolished along with all the other three-letter dirty word agencies.)

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