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Is There Any Point Whatsoever in Keeping “National Security” Extremists in Power?

Spencer Ackerman at the U.K. Guardian writes about the criminal scheme of intercepting and recording video images from users’ Yahoo webcam interactions, inflicted by NSA and Britain’s equivalent the GCHQ. Ackerman notes that a large percentage of what the “national security” extremists view and obtain is totally useless, including pornography and family home movies. Even when the GCHQ and NSA center on a “target,” there are still people with similar user names and/or faces, so, as is typical with these criminal schemes, the infiltrators nevertheless scoop up the webcam data of totally innocent people.

The webcam scam being committed by these imbecilic and criminal government bureaucrats is a total waste of time, has no “intelligence” value and doesn’t do anything to protect the people from so-called terrorists.

And now, with the latest revelations from Glenn Greenwald at his new outlet, the Intercept, we learn “how covert agents infiltrate the Internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.” Justin Raimondo has further analysis of Greenwald’s article. Raimondo brings up the Obama flunky Cass Sunstein (my prediction of Obama’s next Supreme Court nominee, by the way), who has wanted to infiltrate the Internet for a while now.

Greenwald mainly refers to Britain’s GCHQ doing the infiltrating. Included in what these “national security” extremists do is discrediting a target by “setting up a honey trap, change their photos on social networking sites, write a blog purporting to be one of their victims, email/text their colleagues, neighbours, friends, etc.”

And the GCHQ wants to destroy whole companies as well. To destroy whole companies, this government bureaucracy, which England’s taxpayers are proud to fund, wants to “leak confidential information to companies / the press via blogs, etc., post negative information on appropriate forums, stop deals/ruin business relationships.”

THAT’S the way to stop terrorism, for sure, baby!

So everyone, if you’re in the U.K. your hard-earned money that’s being taken from you by David Camaroon and the other crooks is funding this criminality in government. I’m sure you’re proud of that. And if the NSA is doing these things, the same goes for the hapless schmucks here in America.

Just glancing at the Greenwald article, you will see all the charts and diagrams used to describe the criminality. And no, there’s nothing good about this, no “security” here, just scheming bureaucrats acting like criminal mischief-makers.

And as Justin Raimondo referenced, this is the kind of scheme that would make Cass Sunstein proud. Sunstein had proposed to “cognitively infiltrate” the Internet in order to undermine the credibility of so-called “conspiracy theorists,” people who are informed of the various schemes and crimes being committed by government bureaucrats (see above).

This is all nuts. “National security” bureaucrats are not going to “keep us safe” when they themselves are infiltrating, intruding, eavesdropping, manipulating, committing ID theft, fraud, and scheming and plotting and otherwise compromising our security and safety.

If you are serious in preventing terrorism, then stop provoking foreigners into retaliating against us.

Yes, it’s that simple. Stop starting wars of aggression against and ruining whole countries that were of no threat to us, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, stop occupying and trespassing on foreign lands, stop murdering innocents overseas with drones and bombs. Duh.

And we have chickenhawk neocons who are trembling at the thought of cutting the defense budget now, as Kelley Vlahos writes. And John Heinz Kerry whines that those who are opposed to any further U.S. military interventions overseas are “new isolationists.” This coming from the guy who sat before a congressional committee in the early ’70s to tell the American people of the war crimes being committed over in Vietnam. I guess now that he’s in power, he likes foreign interventionism, as long as he himself doesn’t have to go risking his own life to engage in such war crimes himself.

What’s worse than Kerry’s slander of non-interventionists, is his ignorant claim that U.S. interventionism overseas is helping American jobs at home and the U.S. economy in general. (What’s this guy smoking?) The ignoramus Kerry Heinz needs to read Robert Higgs and Anthony Gregory!

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