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Clapper: My Feelings Are Hurt

Marcy Wheeler writes of how poor James Claptrapper of the criminal NSA feels that his being called a “liar” (which he is) is “tough on his family,” including his teacher son. Awww. And Wheeler compares poor Mr. Claptrapper and his teacher son to another teacher whose school is being targeted for surveillance by NYPD because of the DC imbeciles’ obsession with Muslims.

Sadly, because the imbeciles of the DC bureaucracy refuse to acknowledge that it is wrong for them to have been starting wars of aggression against countries which were of no threat to us, occupying and trespassing lands which are not U.S. territories and for no good reason, and murdering innocent civilians for decades, the DC imbeciles’ continued aggressions will do nothing but further provoke the foreigners. And these imbeciles in DC are really just stupid dogs running around in circles chasing their own tails, and at the same time they are also trampling over the lives of innocent Americans here in the U.S. They’re NUTS!

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