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Very Colorful Interview

Here is a very lengthy yet informative interview of “Dollar Vigilante” Jeff Berwick by Anthony Wile  of the Daily Bell. I liked this part on ObomberCare:

Daily Bell: What’s your take on Obamacare and Obama? Is his administration gradually imploding?

Jeff Berwick: Many people incorrectly state that Obama and Obamacare are socialist. Obamacare in its current form is fascist and part of crapitalism – crony capitalism. It is just forcing people to use private, monopolistic insurance companies or be fined. Luckily, however, as with most things government does it is totally incompetent. This may be the fastest government program to implode in history.

Daily Bell: Will Obamacare be overturned? What will its impact be? Is the real goal a single payer system? How’s that working out for Canada?

Jeff Berwick: Considering that its real results have been tens of millions of people losing their medical insurance (and having their rates increased by as much as 500%) with just a few thousand people actually receiving medical insurance, it will be interesting to see just how far the federal government can push the American sheeple until they finally have enough. As for Kanada, I have countless personal horror stories of the medical system there, as I was born and lived there until I was in my early 30s. I spend a lot of my time in Mexico now and much prefer the free-market medical system in Mexico to either of its fasco-communist northern neighbors.

Daily Bell: What about the Tea Party in the US? We think the movement is getting bigger.

Jeff Berwick: What I have found interesting is that the libertarian mindset is so foreign to the political class one-party system that Harry Reid (Communist-Nevada) called Tea Partiers anarchists! They for the most part aren’t anarchists at all but constitutionalists or minarchists. What is nice, however, is that the word libertarian is finally being understood in the “land of the free” and is actually a cool thing to be now. Glenn Beck, who is a neocon, calls himself a libertarian. Bill Maher, who is a liberal, calls himself a libertarian. And the Republican Party is actually realizing that if they want a chance of winning, they will have to get the vote of the Ron Paul libertarians. Even better is that if libertarians form a substantial part of the Republican Party, it will destroy the Republican Party as we know it and soon after it will destroy the federal government. Because once people become libertarian it usually isn’t very long until they become true anarchists and realize that government itself is an unnecessary evil. A popular Internet meme put it best: “What’s the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist? About six months.”

And Berwick comments on the U.S. police state, and compares the U.S. currently with pre-World War II Germany:

Jeff Berwick: The comparison to Germany between 1921 and 1944 is almost eerie. In 1921 Germany went through a hyperinflation … which is in process in the US. In Germany in 1933 the Nazi government conducted a false-flag attack on the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament, in order to gain national political power. This, of course, is very akin to 9-11. They then democratically elected a charismatic personality in Hitler… akin to Barack O’Bomber, the most warmongering Nobel Peace Prize winner in history who just this week extended the Afghanistan War to 2024 … making it more than two decades of occupation and war in that country. Not to mention all the other wars and occupations in places like Iraq, Libya and the recent attempt in Syria. As things continue to get worse in the US the federal government is becoming more and more oppressive and across the country there are unconstitutional checkpoints checking people’s papers. Many cities and counties have started making “homelessness” illegal and rounding up homeless and placing them in camps from which they are not allowed to leave. And that is on top of the US itself, which has the largest prison camp population on Earth with 5% of the population of the Earth and 25% of the worldwide prison population, most of whom never committed a crime against anyone or anyone’s property.
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