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The Ongoing Crusade to Destroy Iran

There is a lot of anti-Iran ignorance out there, especially from talk radio and the neocon pundits. I have already addressed the issue a few days ago. The problem is mainly that of being under the influence of government propaganda. But those who are already predisposed to unquestionably worship the state of Israel and hate the Muslims will eat up the propaganda.

When government bureaucrats can’t get enough power and control, can’t spread enough of their bureaucratic and military apparatus onto enough foreign territories, can’t exercise enough control and authority over enough foreigners — it’s never enough for the covetous power-grabbing bureaucrats — they need to convince the gullible sheeple amongst the masses to follow along. And that requires the able and willing stenographers of mainstream media, talk radio and neocon pundits.

For instance, the mantra I hear repeatedly is how dangerous Iran is, as the Iranian regime and/or other Iranian elements outside the government are aiding and funding Hezbollah and Hamas, supposedly listed terrorist organizations. Well, how about those U.S. government bureaucrats who have been aiding and abetting al Qaeda in Syria and Libya, and especially “providing material support” for the MeK in Iran? What do Krauthammer et al have to say about that? Anything?

Another point that the neocon pundits and talk radio ignoramuses make is how religiously fanatical the Iranian leaders are. That may very well be the case with some of them. The U.S. statist propagandists say that Iran wants to “wipe Israel off the map,” referring to the Jews of Israel. Well, no, they want to wipe the Israeli “regime” off the map, referring to the current administration, the current anti-Palestinian zealots in charge, not Israelis themselves.

After all, even though many of Iran’s Jewish population left Iran following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, there are still Jews in Iran, tolerated by the ruling regime,  who are apparently not the subject of the kind of harassment, abuse and criminality which the Palestinians in Israel especially Gaza suffer on a daily basis at the hands of the Israeli government and military. Here is Roger Cohen of the New York Times on his visit to Iran in 2009.

In my post a few days ago, I linked to this article on the mistranslations of “wiped off the map.” And the U.K. Guardian provided a related correction at the top of this article, in which the correction stated, “A more literal translation of the statement he (Ahmadinejad) made in 2005, at The World without Zionism conference in Tehran, is ‘the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time’.”

So no, the Iranians don’t want to commit mass genocide of the Israelis, despite the rantings of the talk radio crowd. That is just a fabrication, a myth promulgated by the Western government zealots who themselves are bloodthirsty in their wanting to start a war against the Iranians. That is why the zealots love sanctions, because sanctions are devastating to civilian populations and do not affect the governments in charge. We already know this from the Western government sanctions on Iran, and especially from the sanctions on Iraq which the U.S. government imposed throughout the 1990s, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians by the year 2000.

And one final note regarding the religiously fanatical wing of the Iranian government: The U.S. government bureaucrats themselves are just as religiously fanatical — their religion is statism, and their god is the State. But in their State-worship religious fanaticism, the bureaucrat-statists have been much more destructive and murderous in their impulsive outbursts of religious State fanaticism. The U.S. government bureaucrats by and large view the State as their savior and they attempt to make it our savior, whether we like it or not. George W. Bush believed that the U.S. government was Iraq’s savior after ousting Saddam Hussein. And Bush implemented such a saving good and hard.

So now, after Bush’s fanatical and destructive crusade against terrorism, he is on a new crusade to convert Jews to Christianity. (Does that include the Jews in Israel, too?)

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