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Some Misc. Items: The Police State, and the Rulers’ Covetousness in Afghanistan

Wendy McElroy has written an important article on the police state in America. Despite the many revelations and incidents we are hearing about on a daily basis now, many people are nevertheless in denial that America is a police state, and is really now becoming as totalitarian as past totalitarian societies have been. In my view, following 9/11 the Rulers in Washington exploited fears and the gullibility of Americans. Today, despite Edward Snowden’s revelations and daily news accounts of police abuse and criminality, we still have a population a majority of whom are unthinking sheeple who believe the lies and propaganda of their national and local politicians. The people themselves are so busy with their videos and texting obsessions they have really become the obedient zombies the psychopathic power-grabbing Rulers want them to be.

And as part of that police state, TPTB want to disarm the people. William Grigg writes about the gun-grabbing fascists in California in this article.

And believe it or not, this “knock-out” game (as referenced here by Thomas Sowell) being inflicted by young minority youths in many cities now, is a part of the police state. That is because the actual police in charge of “protecting the public,” or “peace officers,” do not seem to be doing anything about all this. And the propagandists of the mainstream media will not report on it because of their idiocy regarding race relations in America. But real news journalists will report the truth and all the facts of events, even if the facts go against their own personal agenda of idiocy. The police state requires not only officials and “authorities” to enforce it, but their ignoring of the actual criminals who are allowed to get away with their violence against innocent people.

I also believe that this JFK assassination truth denial on the part of the media and many Americans is a part of the police state. Paul Craig Roberts writes about this denial in people and the cover-ups which have been going on for 50 years to protect the deniers’ immature sensitivities to the truth. The reason the denials and cover-ups are a part of the police state is that the “national security” police statists have been exploiting the people’s ignorance and fear of the truth as a means to continue building the Rulers’ beloved police state. And regardless of what they say their reasons are, the reality is that police statists and power-grabbers just get off on being in control over a police state that invades other people’s lives, their homes and businesses, and their privacy.

Sheldon Richman writes that the U.S. isn’t leaving Afghanistan, and Justin Raimondo writes that we’re never leaving Afghanistan. So, I guess that means the U.S. government bureaucrats will continue their love for coveting and stealing the natural resources of foreign lands, and profiting from the “poppy fields” as long as the Rulers continue to impose their hypocritical and useless drug war, and pretending that anyone from Afghanistan is of any threat to the United States.

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