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Some Misc. Items for Thanksgiving Weekend

Here is an article by Nat Hentoff highlighting the lawsuit against the Obama Administration by journalist Chris Hedges on the NDAA indefinite detention of Americans provision. Obama pushed this provision through Congress and then signed it into law, and then pushed to have it reinstated (which it was) after a judge struck it down.

I knew that the provision gives the military the power to abduct and indefinitely detain innocent Americans without any probable cause or suspicion whatsoever, only on the orders of the President or a military officer or the whim of whichever government agent would be acting so criminally against another human being. But I didn’t know that this provision would make the detained individual subject to extraordinary rendition, at least according to the quote of Hedges provided by Hentoff in this article. Extraordinary rendition is when the government criminally abducts an innocent person without charges or probable cause, and transports the individual out of the country to a foreign territory whose laws are more “relaxed” where torture by government is concerned. But the purpose of torture is to extract false confessions, or falsely implicate other innocent individuals, from innocent people who just want the torture to stop. Duh.

Infowars has this article on the Gestapo DHS repeating their “If You See Something, Say Something” scheme, this time for shoppers at malls etc. If you see something “suspicious,” report it to the DHS Stasi. (But are you sure you want to encourage the “Black Friday Zombies” to report something they might see as “suspicious”? I. Don’t. Think. So.

WND has this anti-Iran propaganda piece on the Ayatollah who supposedly says he wants to “Wipe Israel off face of Earth.” Well, no, that isn’t even what the translation according to WND’s own article says. The Ayatollah refers to the “regime,” once again, just as I noted in my recent post. He is referring to the current government (“regime”) of Israel, not the Israeli people, or the entire territory of Israel, just as the similar quote from several years ago was referring to.

According to the WND article, the Ayatollah (that the article at first incorrectly referred to as Mohammad Khatami who was President of Iran prior to Ahmadinejad and a critic of the Ahmadinejad regime, by the way), Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, “The Zionist regime is destined to destruction because this miserable regime was imposed (on the Middle East) based upon force, and no imposed phenomenon can last.” That statement about being “imposed” “based upon force” is exactly correct. The current state or government of the territory of Israel or Palestine was not formed by voluntarily contracted agreement which included the indigenous inhabitants of that territory. It was a conquest waged by various Western governments at the time, as Murray Rothbard asserted in his 1967 article. And here is further information on the actual history which you won’t hear about from the propagandists.

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