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More Regulatory Fascist Trespassing in Prison Amerika

Kelley Vlahos has this piece up at Fox News on the new ultra-draconian, economy-killing, property-trespassing regulatory scheme being imposed by the Environmental Protection Racket Agency. Not only will that unconstitutional agency expand its control over power plants throughout the country, but it will expand its power and control over all bodies of water including small streams and ponds on private property, regardless how small the property. The new regulations will give greater powers to environmentalist wackos to trespass on private property for the flimsiest of excuses and sue private property owners for no good reason at all.

Future lawsuit victims of the trespassing water-fanatics will need to counter-sue the aggressors, and the victims will need to have the environmentalist perpetrators criminally charged with trespassing, harassment, endangerment, extortion and perhaps other crimes. And that includes not only activists, but the local bureaucrats who will be taking part in enforcing such criminal activities against innocent human beings.

See this article by Rad Geek on the Clean Water Act vs. clean water.

(Or “Who Owns Water?” by Murray Rothbard is also informative, as is his analysis on law, property rights and air pollution. And here is Lew Rockwell’s Enviro-Skeptic’s Manifesto.)

And here is an article on a man who was arrested and thrown in jail by local goons with badges for collecting rain water on his own property. Yes, it already is happening, and the crazies are really out there. Sadly, the crazies don’t realize how crazy they are, and they really believe they are doing good. But no, when crazy environment-religious fanatics collude with government bureaucrats and inflict their aggressions and intrusions against others, against innocent human beings, they are criminals. They should be treated as such.

And I am looking forward to the day that people fight back against bureaucrats and their minions who enforce other laws and regulations in other areas in which people’s persons, property and lives are being destroyed and ruined by the criminally meddlesome amongst us.

Here is Judge Andrew Napolitano on this latest fascism the Obama Regime is imposing onto others:

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