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For Your Holiday Weekend Reading

Wendy McElroy explains the increase in police brutality in Amerika.

Gary Gibson doesn’t think the drug war and cops are funny. (Neither do I, quite frankly.)

David D’Amato analyzes stop and frisk in our police state.

Ronald Baily says that watched cops are polite cops.

Jacob Hornberger says that poor black and Hispanic Americans would not be given the same light treatment as Congressman Trey Radel.

Butler Shaffer comments on being thankful for our collective insanity.

Robert Murphy writes about working on the holidays.

Kurt Nimmo comments on the new commie Pope.

And Robert Wenzel also comments on the new commie Pope.

William Anderson writes about Paul Krugman’s belief in the confidence fairy.

And Jim Davies comments on Ayn Rand’s “limited government” fairy.

Joshua Cook writes on the worldwide protests against mainstream media.

And Paul Rosenberg writes on the five reasons he stopped taking the news seriously.

Sheldon Richman comments on the Iran deal and the crazies on all sides.

Laurence Vance comments on Erasmus’s view of the wickedness of soldiers.

Infowars responds to Jeremy Scahill calling Alex Jones a lunatic. (Infowars article links to this criticism of Dirty Wars by James Corbett.)

And Washington’s Blog says that Japan reacts to Fukushima crisis by banning journalism.

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