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Dukakis at 80: Had an Impact on Massachusetts Not Easily Forgotten

I don’t usually write about local politics, but this is election week, and so what the hell. Apropos yesterday’s post and speaking of hacks, today is Michael Stanley Dukakis’s 80th birthday. Dukakis, the hack of all hacks, was governor of Massachusetts for three terms, and was the Democrat nominee for President in 1988.

Dukakis had an extremely large influence on future state regimes since the 1980s, that’s for sure.

In 1989 Dukakis and his legislative comrades gave Massachusetts residents a “temporary” increase in the state income tax to reduce the state budget deficit, because eliminating waste and cutting spending does not enter a politician’s noggin. Naturally, the “temporary” income tax increase is still in effect since 1989 and hasn’t ceased to be “temporary.” Here is Barbara Anderson’s op-ed earlier this year mentioning how “temporary” that “temporary” tax increase has been.

But currently in 2013, despite over $500 million in “above-benchmark revenues” and a nearly $1 billion rainy day fund, the crooks in the state government nevertheless shoved a $500 million tax increase down the people’s throats. Dukakis’s shake-’em-down clone Gov. Deval Patrick vetoed the budget, because the tax increases were not high enough! But obviously he knew the legislature would override his veto, which they did. He obviously got the political playbook from Michael Dukakis. (When Patrick runs for President in 2016, he can say with a straight face, “I VETOED the biggest tax increase in Massachusetts history!”)

And the legislature’s recent gas tax increase was a typical Dukakoid scheme. The schemers mandated what will be annual increases of the tax to be tied to the CPI. So as inflation rises, this gas tax automatically goes up, too — so that these bums in the State House don’t have to vote on these tax increases! And just as cowardly, they devised it to go in effect as of the beginning of 2015, after their safe elections in November 2014. This is the kind of “leadership” that Gov. Michael Stanley Dukakis, who turns 80 today, has fostered in state government in the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts.

The opponents of the gas tax shake-down have been collecting signatures to get a repeal question on the ballot for 2014. Here is their website. Such a gas tax tied to inflation was actually passed in several other states, and most of those states have since repealed the tax. (Duh.)

Another Dukakis-fascist-like scheme that the state government has inflicted on people here now is “open-road tolling,” in which the gangsters will electronically track each turnpike motorist-victim and tax-steal accordingly. Not that this is any kind of invasion of privacy, mind you.

They gotta get that loot! It’s never enough for them.

No, it’s never enough, just as it’s never enough for the national thugs in Congress, especially with their medical-tax-theft scheme called “ObamaCare.”

And Dukakis is the one during the 1980s who gave us the mandatory seat-belt law. The anti-seat belt mandate drive was led by the late talk radio personality Jerry Williams, who referred to Gov. Dukakis as “Michael Mandatory.” The state rep most known for pushing the law was Barbara Gray from Framingham. (I think Rep. Gray was referred to as the “Wicked Witch of Metro West” by Howie Carr, if I’m not mistaken.) Gray also proposed a “mandatory margarine” law for restaurants, which I believe did not get passed.

I think Dukakis really wanted the seat belt law to be a “first-offense,” meaning the cops can stop someone just for not wearing a seat belt, as opposed to stopping someone for some initial reason and seeing that the seat belt is unfastened and fining them on a second offense for it. Jerry Williams at the time mentioned seat belt road blocks in New York. This is the mid-1980s, you know, but I think they’re engaged in a lot of that kind of police state fascism now. I’ll never forget the pictures in the Globe or the Herald of Dukakis in his photo-ops with the state storm troopers. (Hmmm. I’m sure that Dukakis would have approved of the same kind of martial law unconstitutional door-to-door searches in Watertown overseen by Gov. Patrick. It’s just a guess, though.)

So, mandatory this and mandatory that. What wonderful “liberals.” Anyway, the anti-mandatory seat belt law crusaders got a question on the ballot in 1986 to repeal the mandatory seat belt law, which they did. However, while the emotion-driven activists called the anti-seat belt law people “head-bashers,” they got their law back on the books. But really, it isn’t to do with “protecting drivers” or “reducing insurance rates,” but yet another in a long list of schemes to raise revenue for the state, for these bloated, fat non-productive bureaucrats.

And in Massachusetts, the liberal police state, we have the now-80-year-old Michael Dukakis to thank for it. As bad as Massachusetts pols have been here, as parasitic and thoroughly disrespectful of the rights of the people and their property, from Ted Kennedy to Tip O’Neill, I don’t think anyone was as influential in taking Massachusetts as far away from its original freedom-loving and Revolutionary roots as Michael Stanley Dukakis, hack of all hacks.

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