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A Tale of Two Hacks in Boston

There will be an election for mayor of Boston this Tuesday. I am urging everyone who lives in Boston to sit this one out. It is an election between entrenched hack #1 and entrenched hack #2. Is there a third party candidate? Who cares? (No, no third party.) As I wrote in this post, Mayor Thomas Menino has been mayor since 1893 1993, and I’m already sick of the next one.

The two hacks, hack #1 and hack #2, are City Councilor John Connolly and State Rep. Martin “Mahty” Walsh. Given that Connolly has been endorsed by both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, you would think that would be good enough reason to support Walsh, right? Nope. Not good enough. Walsh is the big union guy, and is getting a lot of campaign funding from the unions. One good thing that “Mahty” stated was that we “don’t need another lawyer in City Hall.” So’s he’s anti-lawyer. Okay, he’s got my vote. No, not really. (Is Mayor Menino a lawyer? Nope.) Never mind, as Emily Litella would say.

Even Howie Carr on the radio gave Mahty a subtle, unofficial endorsement as the lesser of two evils. (Carr lives in Wellesley — what does he care?) But in their conversation on his show a few days ago, Barbara Anderson, the executive director of the Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation, detailed Walsh’s record with the unions and their support for higher taxes. And especially their support for overriding “Prop 2 1/2,” which voters approved of 30 years ago to set a limit on how high local officials can raise property taxes. Ms. Anderson worked to get that passed.

As I have suggested, Boston residents should stay home. It’s not worth it. But here’s an idea: Why don’t you just leave the post empty? Would it make any difference? And while you’re at it, abolish any and all city taxes and regulations and let the residents and business people be free to do what they want, with their own property and their own money. Can you imagine that? Real freedom? Sell City Hall to the highest bidder. Perhaps he can open a school in which the teachers and principal won’t arrest kids who are “hyperactive” or drug them up for being “attention deficit” sufferers.

I know. Freedom is not what people want. They prefer to have a bureaucrat in charge, to tell them what to do and how to do it, and how much businesses must pay their workers, and pay fines for not having the right-sized this or that. People prefer to have authoritarian, prison-like schools in which the teachers unions don’t want the teachers to be tested for competence. (Because it’s easier for them to reinforce propaganda and obedience than it is to teach math, reading and writing. Oh, well.)

But with either of the two hacks, John Connolly (I thought he died already, although he was lucky to survive that incident in 1963, wasn’t he? Oh, wait, that was a different John Connolly. Never mind, as Emily Litella would say.) and Mahty Walsh (Perhaps the guys from the “Mahty’s Furniture” commercials would be better…), we will get more fascism, more government controls and intrusions, and even less freedom, like in all the other cities. People just don’t like freedom, and they don’t want it.

I think more people need to read Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

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