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With ObamaDisaster, Perhaps Now the Left Can Finally Question Their Irrational Ideology

The problems caused by the Affordable Care Act have been well beyond just the government’s website. Even Democrats and leftists are openly criticizing it. They are seeing their insurance policies being cancelled, their premiums being raised, or their jobs eliminated or turned into part-time. This is certainly not the fault of the private sector.

The people on the left need something like this as a learning experience. But will any of them finally learn anything? Will they begin to question the myths they have believed so strongly for so many years?

How ironic that many on the left scoff at religious people and the various doctrines they believe, while the leftists themselves (a.k.a. “liberals”) have their own set of beliefs, myths and dogma they stand by religiously, and with much zeal as a matter of fact, to the point of their constant shouting down of speakers with whom they disagree. On the college campuses the intolerance toward opposing points of view by the Left is sickening. (I wonder if any of those academics, students and professors alike, actually realize how intolerant they are. Perhaps they should be shown videos of themselves in the classrooms cutting off someone who disagrees with the rest of the group, such as someone with a conservative or libertarian point of view. It’s just a thought.)

When it comes to “health care,” I think that many on the Left don’t like the idea of personal responsibility, as is the case with many of them in other areas of life. “As long as I can go to a doctor when I feel sick, and not have to pay for it, then I can eat stuff that’s not good for me, smoke and do drugs, and it doesn’t matter, because someone else is paying the doctor,” seems to be what many on the Left want to say. And please don’t tell me they support government-controlled medical care because they “care for the poor.” If they did, they’d donate to the poor and help the poor with their medical care, privately.

But let “the government” take care of it. But who is “the government”? “We the people”? No, the government is bureaucrats, politicians, control freaks, people who like power and control over others, robbers and lawyers (sorry for the redundancy) and otherwise misfits and the burnouts of society, that’s who.

So, as with the conservatives who are duped every time a Republican warmonger starts a new war for no good reason, the “liberals” get bamboozled into supporting one socialist welfare program after another, despite the disasters they have caused. ObamaCare is a great example.

But, as Larken Rose has pointed out, these politicians who rule over us couldn’t give a you-know-what whether you have “health care,” or whether you get sick and die. If you think that a congressman cares about you or your health, then you are not with reality. Psychopaths do not care about other people. I think I’ll post that Larken Rose video on how those people in Washington view you at the end of this post.

Regarding the Affordable Care Act, Patrice Lewis has this very realistic assessment of the Left’s idealistic vision of what an ObamaCare, “single payer,” or otherwise government-run or government-controlled health care scheme is or should be.

Many on the left really believe that “health care” should be free, or at least paid for by the “magic health care fairy,” as Ms. Lewis jokingly calls it. But when the government gets involved with any of these everyday matters in life, it uses the only means it knows to implement the fantasies of its bureaucrats: coercion and compulsion, backed by the armed force of government’s guns and badges. And Lewis correctly points out that the coercive programs of governments cause “unintended consequences.” In the case of the Affordable Care Act, Lewis writes,

Insurance companies are doubling rates and/or dropping customers by the hundreds of thousands. Employers are cutting employee hours to under 30 hours/week to avoid providing health care. Other employers are dropping family coverage or not hiring that extra person to stay below government mandates for insurance coverage. Gee, who’da thunk?

Right now (even before Obamacare has been fully implemented), this program is already destroying jobs, it’s destroying doctors (including those thinking of entering the field), it’s destroying personal finances, it’s destroying hospitals, and it’s destroying insurance companies. Destroy destroy destroy.

Of course, government officials are professing “surprise” at all the difficulties incumbent in Obamacare. They are “surprised” that people are shocked and unhappy with the costs. They are “surprised” that insurance companies are dropping the coverage of up to a million people (so far). They are “surprised” at endless unintended consequences.

And the unintended consequences have nothing to do with the website’s problems, as the results cited above were already taking place a while ago, when employers and insurers knew ahead of time what ObamaCareless was going to cause. And it’s very simple as to why these things are happening, as Lewis notes, comparing the ObamaCare of the government sector to the private sector:

The reason is because the private sector is subject to the forces of competition in the marketplace. When people have the freedom to choose whether or not to purchase a product, companies are forced to improve their goods and reduce costs to attract those customers. Duh.

But government is a monopoly fueled by coercion and force. It doesn’t need to improve or economize; but it can force you at gunpoint to accept the rotten products or services that, in a free market, would have been eliminated in a heartbeat.

And she goes on to quote the former Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Harry Browne, and cites his book, Why Government Doesn’t Work. Now, Ms. Lewis describes herself as a “constitutional conservative,” but I think given her past writings that I’ve read, we can safely also describe her as a “libertarian.”

By the way, here is the late Harry Browne on Big Government and why it is not good for us (and that includes ObomberCare!):

As to the harmful effects of ObamaDisaster, another libertarian writer, Mark Crovelli at, explains how his health insurer has just dropped the coverage that Crovelli was happy with.

If I get sick, I prefer to figure it out for myself.  If I get cut, I prefer to suture myself.  I don’t need prescription drug insurance (because I refuse to take them), and I don’t need cheap copays (because I just don’t go to the doctor).   I carry insurance solely to protect myself against catastrophic injury, period.

My care in scrupulously protecting my managing my own health used to be rewarded by saving money on health insurance.  I was able to save money for my business and myself by paying as little as possible for medical services.  The money that I saved by suturing myself went straight into my own pocket.  The money that I saved by trying to avoid the doctor’s office went straight into my own pocket.  This improved the financial position of both my business and myself.

My health insurer, however, has recently notified me that I will no longer have the option to save money on my health insurance.  The insurance plan that met my needs perfectly for many years apparently does not provide coverage that is adequate, according to my political overlords.

Crovelli has become a “health draftee,” as Murray Rothbard put it in his critique of “HillaryCare” in 1993, which would have been much like ObamaCare. And the people on the Left think they are “against slavery”! Go figure.

But as long as more power is given to those overlords, those monopoly bureaucrats, that is what matters — to them! Because they don’t care about you. And not only are they reckless, ruthless sociopaths and power-grabbers, but they are complete incompetents, as most of them have made a life-long career feeding at the public trough while never having had any experience whatsoever in the actual productive sector. And that includes “conservatives,” too, such as Dick Cheney, John McCain and Congressman Peter King.

I have to put “conservatives” into quotes like “liberals,” because conservatives aren’t conservative just as today’s liberals aren’t liberal. Conservatives love Big Government (i.e. government waste, fraud and incompetence) when it comes to foreign policy and the surveillance state. And “liberals” believe that the government should be empowered to chain people down through regulations, taxes, and thousands of fascist nanny-state laws to thoroughly restrict freedom of movement and trade as much as possible. They are not “liberal.”

There is a big difference between those on the conservative and liberal side, and libertarians. The difference is that libertarians believe in freedom, and the liberals and conservatives believe in government. That’s the difference.

But back to my earlier point about the Left and how they irrationally view government-controlled medical care. The problem with the Left is this fantasizing that characterizes many of them in which government bureaucrats will take care of you, oversee your “health care” as though they actually care about you, or that they actually have the slightest idea how to oversee your care even if they did care about you or your health.

For example, as I referenced in this post, it is difficult to imagine a former president of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, Kathleen Sebelius, to be “the secretary” mentioned more than 2,500 times in the Affordable Care Act who will have so much power over our medical care. We might as well have Paul Krugman be our surgeon.

So you can get a more in-depth understanding of why monopoly government and its coercive dictates don’t work, by reading some of the books I have listed on my “Recommended Books” page. Some of the links go to free online editions of those books.

As I mentioned above, here is Larken Rose explaining how those people in Washington see you. And no, they don’t view you as equals, and they don’t really believe that they “work for you.”

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