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Some More Outrages

Grant Smith has some details on 10 explosive U.S. government secrets about Israel.

According to Todd Starnes of Fox News, a U.S. Army soldier claims that the U.S. Army is teaching the troops that Christians and Tea Partiers are “enemies of America.” Evangelicals and Catholics are “extremists.” (And Obama’s authoritarian rule isn’t “extreme”?)

Paul Joseph Watson has this article on Michelle’s federal food fascism: Packed school lunches must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. i.e. the government (that your taxes pay for!) forces kids to have to eat only government-approved and -delivered unhealthy crap. Isn’t it about time that parents and their kids decide for themselves what they should eat, and tell the government teachers to go f themselves?

Thomas Sowell has this article on the race hustlers.

Seumas Milne believes that the spies, not the leaks, are threatening our security.

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