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Some More Misc. Items

Kevin Carson writes about cops in Philadelphia who didn’t like it when civilian bystanders didn’t come to the aid of a cop getting beaten up by a non-cop.

Walter Block points out Barbara Amiel’s economic illiteracy in her concern for protecting elephants from poaching and “extinction.”

Michael Snyder at The Truth blog writes of 28 signs that the U.S. west coast is being fried by Fukushima radiation.

Joshua Cook on the Ben Swann blog discusses Dr. Mike Vasovski’s decision to go off the “insurance grid” as a means of protecting his patients’ privacy.

Jacob Hornberger says that income taxation protects the rich and hurts the poor.

Kelley Vlahos writes about the incident in Washington, DC, in which the young mother with a baby in her car drove recklessly around Capitol Hill and was murdered in cold blood by police.

National security analyst Marcy Wheeler has this article in the U.K. Guardian claiming that the NSA’s criminal invasiveness against Americans (and foreigners) makes people and their security more vulnerable, not less. (No, really?)

And Chris Rossini clarifies Rep. Charlie Rangel’s misunderstanding of the “Civil War” period.

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