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Some Interesting Items Today

The Washington Times has this story on how feds and Maryland storm troopers raided the home of a former Washington Times investigative journalist to seize personal notes and FOIA-obtained government documents pertaining to several stories she had done on problems with DHS. The goons illegally used search warrants for reasons totally unrelated to those items they actually seized. (Totalitarian much?)

Philip Giraldi has an article on The American Conservative magazine on spy agencies spying on one another, Iran, Turkey and Israel. (You apy on me, I’ll spy on you. Let’s call the whole thing off.)

Jacob Hornberger has an article on the Texas public school controversy on 9/11

Karl Denninger explains how badly ObamaCareless will harm you.

Eric Margolis points out that even with all the unconstitutional and “ungentlemanly” NSA spying on Americans and foreigners, U.S. foreign policy is still a bunch of crapola. (It’s because central planning in anything screws everything up, and that’s why.)

And Patrice Lewis has these helpful tips on homestead water. An extensive report, actually.

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