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Secessionists Do Not Like Being Slaves of the State

Thomas DiLorenzo has this article on the dreaded “S-Word.”


DiLorenzo responds to some historically-ignorant New York Times columnist who misinterprets with fear Balaji Srinivasan’s suggestion that Silicon Valley secede from the United States. The Times writer, according to DiLorenzo, seemed to imply that advocating secession is condoning slavery.

But what we have here now in America is slavery. America is a country in which much of the population is enslaved by the ruling political class, the thugs in Washington. Just look at ObamaCare. The feds order you to do this or that, and if you don’t do it and if you don’t pay the fine for not obeying they will send goons to your house and drag you away. The same thing applies to all the extortion payments you must forfeit to the bureaucrats, and all the regulations you must obey and the restrictions on your daily behavior imposed by the Rulers. For those who don’t think that’s slavery and who are “fine with that,” they are “sheeple.”

DiLorenzo also points out in his article — and such a point is lost on many who worship at the smelly feet of Leviathan in DC — that the early Americans who founded the “United States of America” seceded from the British. THAT was a real “secession”!

Now, if you believe that people don’t have a right to secede and that they must be bound and shackled to live under the iron fist of non-productive Rulers who feed off the people’s labor, then knock yourselves out. Best of luck to the sheeple. But there are those who believe that each individual has a right to own one’s own life, to not be owned by one’s neighbors or by the State, and has a right to something called “self-determination.” Those concepts are quite the opposite of slavery.

Actually, those who believe that the people are obligated to serve the government by their labor involuntarily expropriated by the State — that’s what should be the real definition of “slavery.” Sadly, those who are pathologically short-sighted and unable to see the big picture just can’t understand that. It really is those people who criticize the secessionists who are the real advocates of slavery. And shame on them.

Justin Raimondo writes about the revelation that the NSA has been spying on foreign leaders, and how Dianne Feinstein is angry about it. She supports the NSA spying on her fellow innocent Americans but she’s angry about spying on some of her fellow Rulers in other countries. As Raimondo puts it, “surveillance is for peons.” (And slaves of the State.)

And Wendy McElroy has this post at the Dollar Vigilante blog comparing many current Americans’ (and Canadians’) denial of the U.S. police state to the denial that many Germans experienced during Hitler’s Nazi Germany. McElroy observes,

The state is a thief and an arrogant bully who is given free rein to steal from productive people and punish anyone for the slightest disobedience of unreasonable laws, even for having a disobedient attitude. The state becomes a ‘legitimized ‘ vehicle for criminals to impose organized force upon a society that would otherwise function through trade or other voluntary exchange.

The so-called United States of America is now quickly becoming a totalitarian nightmare. A police state, which includes the draconian ObamaCare and its IRS S.W.A.T. goons to enforce it.

People including Wendy McElroy are leaving. She is moving to Chile. And I think that Robert Higgs mentioned in this great video that he is moving there too, or some similar place. And it appears that Jeff Berwick of the aforementioned Dollar Vigilante has established a “Galt’s Gulch” there now. I myself am not able to do such a move. Oh, well. I am hoping that the secessionist movement grows and becomes more popular to counter the criminal and increasingly intolerable Leviathan Monster State that is destined to implode and collapse on its own weight.

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