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More Evidence That Central Planning Can’t Be “Reformed.”

Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson writes on a “Fallujah-style” checkpoint with cops pointing guns at innocent motorists’ heads in Sacramento. They were doing this because apparently a wanted parolee gang member was on the loose. The gang member had allegedly shot and wounded a federal immigration official and three local cops.

Watson compared the cops’ hysteria with the LA cops pursuing the LA “cop-killer” Christopher Dorner, and the hysterical post-Boston Marathon bombings police siege and unconstitutional door-to-door searches.

Now, while Watson did not make reference to or imply this, as I wrote in my recent article, Let’s Reform Central Planning and the Police State, my contention has been that had the suspects in all these cases not shot or killed police but only mere civilians, the cops would not have acted so hysterically.

And they are getting worse now, as in the current example in Sacramento, because most Americans now are more authoritarian and self-centered than ever. Given the reverence that sheeple Americans now have for authority, for uniformed authority, if someone actually threatens any of those uniformed “men in blue,” it is as though someone threatens Mommy and Daddy. That’s how personal the pathological authoritarianism in America has become. And, regarding how self-centered many people are now, when the narcissistic cops see that “one of their own” has been harmed by someone, the cops as a group seem to become pathologically in fear of their own lives, to the point of their own threatening of any individual who crosses their paths. That’s just my observation on that. (And all the prescription drugs, steroids, and hard street drugs that many of them are using these days aren’t helping matters.)

No. More. Police. Socialism.

Bill Buppert tells it like it is in Sadism and Statism: Rhyming with the Reaper.

And Pat Buchanan tells it like it is on Washington, DC and ObomberCare.

Finally, Kevin Gosztola describes how our government’s CIA-operated drones are terrorizing innocent people in Pakistan and other places. The tax-parasite sadists also target the rescuers of those attacked by the drones.

No. More. “National Security.” Central. Planning.

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