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Mainstream News Journalists: Helping to Enable Totalitarianism

Jack Douglas writes of how The U.S. Totalitarian State is developing now more rapidly, and that includes the dismissals of top military brass who apparently are not conforming as lockstep as the Regime would like. For those who happen to be reading this, and who still can’t believe that America could possibly be a “Totalitarian State,” you probably have not been paying attention to things for the past few years.

As I have noted previously, ObamaCare and other extremely intrusive and dictatorial centralized policies and bureaucratic structures will be used to “purge” the dissidents. And those who face the State more directly through physical confrontation such as Adam Kokesh or who very thoroughly investigate the State’s crimes will be dragged to the gulags or just plain murdered, as Michael Hastings was.

One thing the State has going for it is its propaganda machine which includes the mainstream Press. I believe that many amongst the mainstreamers don’t even realize that they are acting as propagandists on behalf of the centralized Regime and its criminality, as we now have generations of people who suffer form intellectual laziness and lifelong indoctrination via government schooling and TV-staring to adore the State.

Sadly, like the American population in general, most mainstream news journalists seem to assume that government officials are telling them the truth about things, and the journalists then do not follow-up and question the officials’ word. They do not seem to do further investigating as they used to do, to get the story behind the story, or to get other information from different sources which may contradict the bureaucrats’ official word.

But rather than assuming the government officials to be telling you the truth, it should be the opposite of that: assume they are lying. Because in most cases, they are. Especially when it comes to this faux “security” and “secret” crapola. They do that because they are power-grabbers. It’s all about power, and the bureaucrats don’t like their power and authority questioned or challenged in any way.

Kevin Gosztola has this new post on another aspect of the recent report from the Committee to Protect Journalists. Gosztola here focuses on the Obama Regime’s promise of transparency. And he quotes Ann Compton. Yes, the Establishment Reporter who has covered many presidents. Even Ann Compton stated, “In the past, we would often be called into the Roosevelt Room at the beginning of meetings to hear the president’s opening remarks and see who’s in the meeting, and then we could talk to some of them outside on the driveway afterward … This president [Obama] has wiped all that coverage off the map. He’s the least transparent of the seven presidents I’ve covered in terms of how he does his daily business.”

Gosztola writes that the Obama Regime also uses social media to get its propaganda out to the masses. But, as Gosztola reveals, it is amazing just  how control-freakish the Administration is in its treatment of the White House Press Corps in regards to the Regime’s obsession of getting news stories to be presented in the way it wants them presented, as several quoted journalists have revealed.

And Glenn Greenwald has this new article on yet another Establishment journalist who expresses an embarrassingly unprofessional obedience to the State when it comes to the State’s proclamation of “national security” or “top secret.” While Greenwald is referring to someone in the U.K. I had never heard of, I find it ironic that the journalist, Chris Blackhurst, is a former editor of the U.K. “Independent.” (i.e. a journalist is not very “independent” if one is subservient to the State.)

But back in the U.S., it is sad that the zombies and the sheeple take the government groupies of the mainstream news media seriously, and not as the State propagandists they are. I had written a list of many Greenwald articles detailing the mainstream journalists’ acting as shills for the State, by the way.

And much of that also has to do with corporate profits, as Justin Raimondo writes about today regarding the warmonger commentators of the media who have financial interests in their pro-war punditry.

A lot of these mainstream news journalists perhaps do submit stories or ideas to higher-level editors or producers, but, in the name of not wanting to “rock the boat,” the higher-ups reject such stories which can be too critical of TPTB. Not surprising, given the close connection between the ruling class, the high elected officials and their corporate class campaign contributors, the Rulers’ keeping themselves in power is the real bottom line.

So, as the mainstream journalists continue to drop the ball when it comes to shelving its reporting on the increasing crimes the State continues to commit against the people, journalists are letting the Regime get away with its criminality, and its persecution of the Press themselves including real investigative journalists. These people are carrying the water for the totalitarians. They are helping to make it happen.

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