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Democracy Isn’t Worth Beating Yourselves Up Over

Some important items regarding the effectiveness of democracy caught my eye this week, and I will share them here.

To begin, libertarian author and researcher James Bovard challenges the myth of democracy that many people believe: that the “government is us,” and that government bureaucrats’ decisions are ultimately the people’s responsibility because “you voted for it.” For example, as Bovard writes:

Franklin Roosevelt declared in 1938, “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.” But it wasn’t “ourselves” that ravaged the nation with the New Deal’s thousands of decrees that crippled Americans’ right to make contracts or use their own property. When he ran for reelection in 1936, he never mentioned his plan (revealed in early 1937) to pack the nation’s highest court with new appointees to rubberstamp his decrees. Yet because he won in 1936, he implied that the citizenry were somehow bound to accept all of his power grabs as if they themselves had willed them.

Also recently, columnist Michael Rozeff pointed out,

I submit that the people or peoples that inhabit a certain portion of North America known as America did not overthrow the government of Iran in 1953. They did not direct themselves into the Vietnam War. They did not decide to bomb Serbia, starve the people of Iraq, and later invade Iraq. They didn’t decide to debase the dollar. They did not devise or pass Obamacare. They did not decide to bail out Wall Street investment bankers or hedge funds. They did not decide to militarize America’s police. They did not decide to have a war on drugs with stiff prison sentences. They didn’t decide to have a war on poverty. They didn’t decide to have a massive NSA program of surveillance and spying on themselves and the rest of the world and then to keep it secret from themselves.

And Bovard asks, if the government is “we the people,” then why are government agents constantly allowed to be above the law?

If the citizen is the government, why are there far harsher penalties for any private citizen who pushes, threatens, or injures a federal employee than the punishment for feds when they take the same actions against private citizens? Why are governments allowed to claim sovereign immunity when their employees kill private citizens? Why is it routine procedure for politicians and government employees to lie to citizens, but a federal crime for citizens (such as Martha Stewart) to lie to the government?

Speaking of sovereign immunity, Will Grigg wrote of yet another case in which government police beat the crap out of an innocent human being, and a woman no less. And they then arrested her and charged her for “assaulting an officer.” The neanderthal thugs in blue have been doing that a lot these days.

And the woman victim in Grigg’s example had attempted to sue the police department, only to — once again — get shooed away by the thug-abetting government judge.

So, yet another judge comes to the defense of the poor little cops who beat the crap out of an innocent defenseless civilian. This, in my opinion, is in the same category of the Obama-flunky judge who came to the defense of Obama to reinstate the indefinite detention of Americans provision of the NDAA law, after the first judge, the heroic Kathleen Forrest, struck it down. It seems that most government judges come to the defense of violent abusers with badges because they are fellow government employee parasites. And that’s the way it is, as Walter Cronkite used to say.

But this is a “democracy” and you all voted for it, as many people like to believe. The “government is us,” so that’s why we like to beat ourselves up. And let’s print our own money as well so we can ruin our entire economic system and bring our country to ruin.

Might as well. We voted for it.

Well, can “we the people” ever begin to accept the idea of jury nullification? Hmmm, I don’t know. It takes actual critical thinking skills to hear a case regarding a law which shouldn’t exist, and actually find the defendant “not guilty” because he hasn’t actually committed a crime.

But he violated a government diktat or arbitrary rule whose sole purpose is to add revenue to an already bloated government and its bureaucrat apparatchiks. “GUILTY!”

Jury nullification? Freedom?

Don’t. Go. There.

And, according to CNN (via Infowars) the government that we all voted for and is “we the people” is now telling insurance company executives to stifle any open criticism of the dreadful effects of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, or such insurers will suffer the dreadful effects of “retribution” by those feds in Washington a.k.a. “we the people.”

Which is nothing new, by the way. HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius foresaw the current aftereffects of ObamaCare. In September, 2010 she warned the insurance industry that they would pay a price for any “misinformation” if they blamed their future rate increases on the Affordable Care Act.

How to explain Sebelius’s tyrannical behavior? Kathleen was at one time the president of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association.

Experts in tyranny, they are.

Jeepers, that Obama sure picked a winner here. Yup.

Remember, you voted for it, people. The government is you. All this economic chaos is because we the people caused it. It certainly wasn’t the politicians, the bureaucrats, the lawyers and other criminals and non-productive misfits of society in Washington, no.

Perhaps Hans-Hermann Hoppe was right, after all.

And finally, law professor Jonathan Turley asks, “Are police addicted to drug money?” Well, of course they are. It’s free money, free stuff for the government parasites. This is the sole reason for the continuation of the criminal drug laws. And I say they are criminal not because they are laws against criminality, but because they promote criminal behavior by the police-thugs who are employed by the government and paid for by the taxes which are stolen from the hapless “citizens” who believe that the “government is us.”

And that’s the way it is (as Walter Cronkite would say).

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