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More Items Which Expose the Government as the Criminal Racket That It Is

Here is an article from the ACLU on DHS border security’s warrantless and unconstitutional searches of travelers’ electronic devices. The specific case mentioned is that of David House, who was working for the Bradley Manning Support Network and whose laptop, phone and camera were seized and searched as well as kept for 7 months. House sued DHS and they agreed to a settlement last May. Here is the list of search-related documents which DHS released as part of the settlement. DHS has declared 100 miles within the U.S. borders and coasts to be “Constitution-free” zones.

So this criminal behavior on the part of government bureaucrats and their enforcers is not just directed at travelers. The longer Amerikans continue in their denial that centralization becomes totalitarianism, and the longer they continue to put off abolishing the system in favor of self-governance, self-determination, self-defense and independence, the more likely 100 miles will be 1,000 miles, and 10,000 miles, and so forth. It’s inevitable.

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has this list of liberty-killing disasters that DHS head Jamit Napolitano has left behind on her retirement. (Nat Hentoff actually endorses John Whitehead for President in 2016 at the end of this column. But I endorse no one for President, except abolishing that unnecessary and murderous post.)

And Lew Rockwell gave this interview of civil liberties attorney Harvey Silverglate, author of Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, on “legal terror.” Silverglate has some good suggestions on how to protect yourself from the Soviet goons a.k.a. FBI, police, and so forth.

Radley Balko has this post on how police could better respond to protests. In my view, the best way for government police to respond to protests is to abolish themselves and be replaced by market security providers. The best solution of all is for the civilian population to be armed and the government and all its agents to be disarmed. As I noted above, it’s only a matter of time in which the people will realize that governments can’t be trusted with arms (especially while disarming the public!) and the artificial authority granted to them by the naive public.

Glenn Greenwald has a new article on how the NSA gives all your communications data to Israel with no legal obligations.

Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog has this article on how the big banks can still steal your property even if your mortgage is totally paid up. It is yet another story on the viciousness of government bureaucrats and their corporate fellow-criminals.

On a lighter note, Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante says we should never forget 9/11, and he brings up several videos which present a more truthful version of the events of that day, as opposed to the government-approved version. Remember, as Justin Raimondo noted, the opposite of a “truther” is a “liar.”

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