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More Amerika in 2013

A good piece on why the chickenhawks love going to war and sending other people’s sons and daughters to die or get disabled for no good reason is in this article by Leon Hadar at The American Conservative. That’s also a good explanation for why writing your congressman or senator, attending town hall meetings or protests etc is totally useless and futile.

Sheldon Richman has this article on how the U.S. can rid the world of chemical weapons. But supposedly, despite Obama’s putting on hold his call for militarily striking Syria, the preparations are already under way for war. They don’t call him “Obomber” for nothing, you know.

Marcy Wheeler has this analysis of NSA’s corruption of encryption and its methods of coercion. We live in a banana republic. Our Rulers are nuts. (I know, tell you something you don’t already know.)

And Kevin Gosztola has this post on how NSA gives Americans’ private communications to the Israeli government.

The Israelis need to know who here in America might protest against Israel’s anti-Arab “Apartheid” (or “Jim Crow”) laws and they need to know whom to target and whose activities to suppress in the Palestinian solidarity movement, you know.

And Philip Giraldi has this article on AIPAC’s influence on Congress. (Yes, the U.S. Congress.) You see, there’s no need to write to Congress, as mentioned above. They won’t listen to you. But they are afraid of the Israel Lobby [.pdf], and will do what AIPAC says. Therefore, Pat Buchanan is being somewhat unrealistic, in my view.

And William Grigg has this article on the cops’ war on women. Is it any wonder that the psychopathic cowards who get off on bullying and beating weaker individuals are those who are drawn toward the State for employment?

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