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“Terrorism” Drills: Amerika Is Now Literally a CRAZY Country

I have written quite a bit on how our own country is becoming more and more like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. (See this, this, this, this, this, and this.) Many people are in denial and don’t like such a characterization. But it’s really the truth. And a lot of what is going on is in the name of “fighting terrorists,” or “preventing terrorism.”

But when you have government and police themselves terrorizing the people, then the terrorists are now those people in our own government whose actions are by definition terrorist actions.

For example, according to this report by Julie Wilson, local government police in the small town of Rossford, Ohio staged a terror drill in the form of hijacking a school bus with students on board. The report does not say whether or not the students themselves knew about it in advance, although they probably did. But parents and teachers were waiting in a parking lot actually viewing the whole scene as broadcast to them from a camera on the bus. How sick is that?

Of course, Amerika has experienced soooo many school bus hijackings, I just can’t count them all, it’s way too many to keep track of. Here is another article from last year on how government police and school bureaucrats are taking things a bit too far. They’re literally crazy, these people.

When I was in school, thank God those in charge didn’t do these things to me. Frankly, doing all this now is just as unnecessary as it was during the 1960s and 1970s. But if I had kids in school now, and I heard that school imbeciles and police criminals put my kid through this kind of crap, I would not only sue personally those responsible, but I would insist on criminal charges being pressed against them as well!

You see, these government-employed goons are literally terrorizing innocent kids, putting them through a totally unnecessary experience, and for no good reason. But the sheeple parents and school employees there in Rossford, Ohio have no problem with it. They apparently actually believe that this is the way to prevent terrorists from taking over the country.

And reporter Julie Wilson has more on these kinds of endless terror drills which government buffoons are inflicting on Americans, not just school children. Here is another report on Infowars of these widespread yet useless drills being implemented to terrorize the population into submission.

If you haven’t seen enough, then here is another report on how local S.W.A.T. teams are being used to issue regular arrest warrants at people’s homes, which are extremely alarming to the neighbors of these victims of Amerika’s legislating away our freedom and security.

You see, the people are very much less secure when they allow the federal, state and local governments to get carried away like this. This is pure hysteria, all of this and there’s no good reason for it, except to fulfill local enforcers’ child-like need to play cops-n-robbers, and satisfy their lust for authority and control over others, and their animalistic  desires to terrorize, bully,and intimidate weaker and defenseless people.

And it’s all extremely unnecessary and a waste of time and money. As Barack Obama himself acknowledged, the odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than in a car accident.

But, if you were listening closely at that video link, Obama then adds, “unfortunately…” as though that fact means that he acknowledges that he should be dismantling — not expanding —  the current national security criminality against the American people, but the power-lusting power-grabber doesn’t want to reduce the power grabs.

“Unfortunately,” he might as well just say, “even though the power grabs, the wars of aggression, the drone murders which only provoke foreigners and incite more terrorist sentiment against America, the DHS stocking up on weapons and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo, are all thoroughly unnecessary and make the people less secure and more vulnerable to their own government’s predations, and which only serve the power grabbers, we still want to do all this to the American people anyway. F you, America, we love power!” and so on and so forth, he might as well just say.

And then there’s the domestic spying (which I didn’t want to get into in this post), in addition to the feds’ and local police terrorizing and their violence against their fellow Americans. As Washington’s Blog describes quite thoroughly, the domestic spying really is being used for criminal purposes, and not to “fight terrorism.” Most recently, two U.S. senators have challenged the NSA’s claims of thwarting terrorist plots. (i.e. TPTB are FOS.)

This whole “War on Terror” is a sham. The way to fight terrorism is not through dependence on government “defense” or government security, by sheepishly and subserviently giving non-productive government goons and criminals more armed power over you and putting you into an open-air prison for life. The more effective, honest and moral way to fight terrorism is the one which is protected by the 2nd Amendment. (An Amendment, by the way, that doesn’t exist to protect government’s ownership and possession of means of defense, but to protect the people’s means of defense.)

Finally, the Concord, New Hampshire City Council met this week to decide whether to allow its police to get even more beefed up and more militarized with a new tank, or as the police prefer to call it, a “Bearcat.” The City Council decided to wait another month before deciding.

But in the police chief’s grant application for the military-style tank, he cited the emphasis on domestic terrorism, and included references to the “Sovereign Citizens,” “Free Staters” and “Occupy New Hampshire” groups as threats. “Free Staters” are those people who believe in freedom, and they believe there might be a little more freedom for them (and thus security) in New Hampshire. But the police chief and others of his ilk view “Free Staters” as a threat, because government power-grabbers are threatened by people who love freedom and who want to take power away from the government bureaucrats! THAT’S the threat!

But the people who filled up the hall in this City Council meeting are informed and they understand what is happening to America. New Hampshire has a lot of freedom-loving people, unlike most of the other states in Amerika, which are inhabited by many sheeple. I don’t think that most towns in New Hampshire, a 2nd Amendment state if there ever was one, would allow such terror drills as cited above, or the kind of door-to-door criminal warrantless searches which were endured in Watertown, Massachusetts a few months ago.

Here is WMUR’s report on the City Council meeting in Concord, followed by the testimony by a U.S. Marines vet who describes what some of his duties were in Fallujah, Iraq. He points out that local police departments all across Amerika are building up a domestic army, and that they could be used by the feds against the American people, not terrorists.

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