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Bradley Manning’s Leaks Have Not Threatened Anyone; It Is the Regime That Is Our Real Threat

Journalist and war correspondent John Pilger has this op-ed on Bradley Manning. Pilger hopes that Manning’s courage to inform the American people on the crimes and corruption of our government and military will inspire others to risk such whistleblowing.

Pilger refers to Manning’s personal statement in court explaining his actions and why he acted.

And Pilger also refers to the fact that no documents which Manning gave to WikiLeaks had resulted in any deaths, or had posed actual harm to soldiers or the American people. That information was disclosed in court as told by the Guardian. Here is an older article from McClatchy, and here is another related article from author Denver Nicks. (Here is Nicks’s book on Bradley Manning.)

To counter such claims by the military bureaucrats whose paychecks are funded by your coercively-extracted tax dollars,  law professor Marjorie Cohn has this op-ed on how Bradley Manning’s revelations saved lives. Of course, those who worship the State and believe the Rulers’ every word don’t see it that way. (Here is Cohn’s recent book on our government’s torture program.)

You see, it is important that we have more Bradley Mannings with a moral conscience (that many of our soldiers and military generals, and the bureaucrats who lead them, don’t have) to expose the crimes of the State. This is especially important when actual wars of aggression are started by our own leaders against foreigners, and for no good reason. As I have written many times already, including more recently regarding the 22-year Bush war of aggression on Iraq, the conflicts which we have been experiencing between America (more specifically the U.S. government) and especially the Muslim nations overseas, were started by our government. Whether it has been for oil, power, hegemony, or all of the above, these provocations have been going on since well before 9/11.

But now we have seen gross criminality being committed by the NSA against the American people, the IRS bureaucrats’ harassment of conservatives and Tea Partiers and for political reasons, and the Obama Administration’s prosecutions of journalists for their honest coverage of the very questionable actions of Obama and his minions.

When you combine all that with how our own military has been getting away with serious widespread war crimes and murders of innocents overseas, and the CIA’s torture regime whose only purposes are to extract false confessions and to falsely implicate other innocents (as well as to fulfill the torturers’ sick desires to inflict pain on others), it’s only a matter of time that such a rogue criminal regime will take such criminality and turn it against the regime’s own people. We are already beginning to see that happening.

Yes, those who are brainwashed to trust their Rulers and accept one’s slavery as a fact of life will call Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden “traitors.” But it might just take exactly what I just described to then convince such sheeple to see that the real traitors are those very Rulers who will turn the guns, the repression and the “disappearing” of dissidents and the torture against them, the loyal sheeple.

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