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A lot of people value transparency from government and believe that the Fourth Estate is essential to keep the government in check. And many of those people seem to be enthusiastic over Jeff Bezos’s plans to blow spend $250 million to purchase the Washington Post. Bezos is the founder, chairman and CEO of, Inc.

As though he is going to do anything that will affect the Post’s biased pro-State news coverage, or the droolingly propagandistic scribblings of their op-ed writers, such as Jennifer Rubin (R- Israel) and Charles Krauthammer (the “psychiatrist”). “But Bezos is a libertarian! Maybe he’ll replace Frau Rubin with Tom Woods…” etc. etc.

Well, not quite. Besides this new Post purchase, apparently Bezos’s Amazon has already signed on with the CIA to provide a huge, “private cloud infrastructure” to enable the CIA to better commit its invasions and criminal activity against foreigners and the American people. I’m sure that Bezos and other Amazon people wouldn’t put it that way, though.

But it seems that IBM is going to court over the deal. Certainly not out of principle, mind you, but because IBM felt that they weren’t given a fair shot at conniving and scheming with the CIA in its shenanigans.

Three years ago there were calls to boycott after it changed its tune in its providing servers for WikiLeaks, by withdrawing such a provision. As I wrote at the time, I agreed with the several writers (such as Skip Oliva, Lew Rockwell, and  Bob Murphy) against such a boycott. I was responding to Justin Raimondo’s apparently unpopular call for boycott.

As I wrote at the time, while Amazon at first provided the servers to WikiLeaks, it then withdrew them. So boycotting this business because it decided not to do something implied that you should boycott all web server providers if they didn’t provide servers to WikiLeaks.

However, Amazon’s decision to cease such a server provision did not imply it decided to collude with the State. Well, it was possible that they did cave to the tyrant ignoramus then-Sen. Joe Lieberman’s fascist threats.

But when Amazon IS doing something, i.e. taking a specific action which benefits the flunkies and apparatchiks of the State (such as the CIA, of ALL things!), now that seems to me like a better and more morally valid reason to boycott this business. (Now, I’m not promoting an actual boycott, mind you, I’m just pointing these differences out.)

And worse, such a contract from which Amazon will benefit — supposedly $600 million over the next ten years — doesn’t come from another business who has acquired such funds honestly and via sound voluntary contracts. Such funds from which Amazon will benefit come from the taxpayers, i.e. the actual workers and producers of America whose hard labor is being used and whose earnings is being extracted by coercion and force to fund this government CIA thing, an illicit operation if there ever was one!

If I had a large stake in or a high-up position with Amazon I would not allow such a company to have any kind of contracts or dealings with the CIA, or the NSA, or any other government agency. But the CIA is probably the most objectionable government bureaucracy given its crimes ever since it was created.

The CIA has been involved in this totally idiotic U.S. government war of aggression against several foreign countries and their inhabitants in the name of “keeping us safe,” policies which actually aren’t keeping us safe but are doing the opposite, making us more vulnerable to attacks and retaliation by foreign people who don’t like their countries invaded and their innocent civilians murdered.

However, it is entirely possible that the CIA may have inflicted some kind of intimidation tactics on Bezos and/or his Amazon minions, but who knows. (Some people happen to think that the CIA or NSA  may have had something on Chief Bureaucrat John Roberts and that was why he became a turncoat and voted to rubber-stamp Herr Obama’s fascist medical scheme. But I digress.)

But regarding my references to the CIA’s criminal actions against innocents, just yesterday the CIA’s desktop-firing drone bombing campaign in Yemen killed several more “alleged al Qaeda members.” And, as Michael Rozeff points out on the blog, the new heightened terror warnings centering on Yemen will not be referring to “terrorist” attacks but to retaliatory actions committed by the people in that country.

I’m sure that if the Yemeni or Pakistani governments sent drone missiles over to the U.S. and bombed and murdered people over here, we probably would retaliate. (However, many people believe that the aggressions and violence committed by U.S. government forces are themselves retaliatory when no, they have in fact been initiated by the U.S. government since well before 9/11, for decades in fact.)

So as an aside, let’s compare Amazon’s providing WikiLeaks servers to Amazon’s now providing cloud services to the CIA. In its helping the CIA, Amazon will be aiding and abetting the crimes committed by the CIA, its interventions, its illicit torture of innocents, its secret wars, its drugrunning, and its drone murders of innocents.

But when helping WikiLeaks (that is, before Amazon caved to the Lieberman crowd to withdraw the servers from WikiLeaks), Amazon helped Bradley Manning and Julian Assange to inform the American people of the corruption, incompetence and especially the Iraq and Afghanistan war crimes and murders being committed by our government, not just by CIA, but by other agencies, the military and diplomats.

Now, which one of those has actual morality on its side, and believes in the rule of law? The CIA? Or WikiLeaks? Duh.

I’m sure that the brainwashed sheeple disagree with me on that. Those people who have been unthinkingly obedient to the U.S. government and do not question its assertions, lies and propaganda, will side with Amazon’s helping the CIA.

And those who believe in the truth and that everyone has to act under the rule of law including government agents, will side with Amazon’s helping WikiLeaks.

Now, given that Jeff Bezos signed on to this deal with the CIA and is allowing his Amazon cloud services to help the CIA in its evil deeds which do nothing but cause blowback against the American people, Bezos has now tainted his once-great

I will definitely make an effort to not link to any of their pages on this blog, starting with the article I posted yesterday.

(h/t EPJ and Emptywheel)

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