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More Annoying Things

In the news recently have been many thoroughly depressing and annoying events and developments. Is there any good news? No, not really. Some people seem to think that the birth of yet another “royal baby” is “good news,” but no, it isn’t. I wonder if this little one will grow up to have big ears and a wish to be someone’s ‘tampon” like his goofy grandfather. Whatever.

Are the federal criminals, gangsters and ignoramuses really going to ban nutritional supplements? Like vitamins and so on? Are they really going to require that you get a prescription for these things? (F them, I say. I’m not going to have to see a $%@(&^$# doctor just to get my nutritional supplements!) It’s one thing after another now. These tyrants there in DC are really unbelievable.

And after all the spying scandals out there, now the federal goons want to force Internet providers to give the government their customers’ passwords to their accounts. “Well, there might be a terrorist out there somewhere, amongst tens of millions of people, so we HAVE to do this.” Actually, in my view the real reason they need innocent people’s passwords is because there are political dissidents and critics of the government out there. So the goons who don’t like their own criminality being exposed and publicized will dig into those people’s Internet accounts in order to falsely frame them in things they had nothing to do with, via sending messages etc presumably originating from the unsuspecting, hapless innocents’ email accounts. This is how criminal government goons behave, in my opinion.

It is too bad that so many millions of Americans were gullible enough to believe the Bush-Cheney bureaucrats that it was necessary to repeal the Bill of Rights in order to protect us from terrorists. Obviously, the people didn’t think very clearly about how to protect themselves from criminal government goons who will abuse their legalized encroachments and invasions.

And then we hear about very suspicious aspects associated with the shooting down of the Chinook helicopter that killed several Navy SEALs, some of whom were involved in the so-called Bin Laden raid.

Tom Mullen writes about Gov. Chris Christie who emotionalizes and rationalizes the feds’ criminal intrusions against innocent people with references to 9/11. Perhaps instead of stomach surgery Christie should have had brain surgery (if, indeed, he actually has a brain in there. Maybe he ate it, who knows.) If you look at his Wikipedia page, there are reminders of what a corrupt, criminal prosecutor he was and what an ignoramus of a governor he still is. He actually signed this bill into law. (And he probably read it first, too.)

Ticket and arrest quotas. (Remember, as I have said before, No. More. Police. Socialism.) By the way, if Cato actually does anything good, it’s this daily update of police criminality.

Paul Craig Roberts describes how the U.S. became the USSR. In my view, it’s thanks to FDR, Johnson-Nixon, comrades Oliver North and Dick Cheney, and the Communist-in-Chief, Obomber. Robert Wenzel examined Obomber’s anti-free market speech recently. The useful idiots who are helping to bring on Total State control over the people and everyday life are not just the Occupy crowd or clueless progressives, but the conservatives and others who cheered on Bush-Cheney in their escalating the police state and the welfare state as well, putting things in place for the tyrant Obama to use against the people.

Michael Snyder describes the acceleration of the decay of America. Noooo, really?

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