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Liberty’s Main Enemy: The State

Lew Rockwell has an inspiring article on the issues involving libertarians’ attempts to persuade others to separate themselves from the State and come to the side of freedom.

In my own personal view, the State is a criminal racket, including all levels of it, from local city councils and local government police all the way up to each and every monopoly controlled by the federal government. To forcibly compel your neighbor to participate in your schemes in life is nothing but criminal. Libertarians, on the other hand, argue: “Live and let live.”

Also from LRC today: Laurence Vance asks if conservatives can be libertarians, using the same-sex marriage, abortion and drug use as examples. Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses Liberty and Safety. He states that liberty is the default position. In my own personal view, we do not need a government to “keep us safe.” With liberty and no restrictions on the right to self-defense, we have safety, and security. Don’t listen to the police-statists and gun-grabbers who suggest otherwise. And William Grigg has a post with yet another example why it’s not a good idea to call the police.

Also: Activist Post has this post on the owner of a small ISP describing how the No Such Agency got him to spy on customer for them.

The New American has more on the dangerous ObamaCare data hub. In my view, Obama’s stated goal from several years ago was “single payer.” He wants conplete government contol over your medical matters and your personal life as well. They know that this whole scheme that the Pelosi Congress shoved down the people’s throats will be a total disaster, and that’s what they want, so the people will then beg for total government control. We need to go the other way, toward freedom!

Jacob Hornberger describes how the Pentagon and the CIA were responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis, not Cuba.

And economist Richard Ebeling has this commentary on the George Zimmerman case. (I wish the racists who hate “Whitey” and all the other racists would shut up.)

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