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Freedom and a Free Society Are Better Than Being Enslaved by the State

I wrote about Austrian economics recently. Here is an article from December of 2010 by Walter Block on the many Austrian school economists and writers who were the ones who predicted that there would be a housing bubble and economic crash, which then occurred in 2008 as we all know.

Some other classics I have seen recently include an article on how the U.S. military will classify you when they take you away to the post-collapse, civil unrest, race-riot, etc. internment camps; Paul Craig Roberts’s article on The Case of the Missing Terrorists; and Glenn Greenwald’s “The We-Are-At-War! Mentality.”

But more recently:

At the “Dollar Vigilante,” Gary Gibson has this post on “Why Governments Can Do No Good.” He tells it like it is, regarding the free market’s better ability to serve the consumer than the State. And Jorge Gato gives 15 More Reasons for Fleeing the Police State. (That reminds me of this older post by Andy Wright on the 50 reasons to abolish the cops.)

Government can do no good, and that includes government police. Non-State-monopolized police would have to follow the rule of law, and couldn’t be above the law. They would actually serve the consumers rather than beat them up and murder them for no good reason.

And James Bovard has another one on AmeriCorps and its self-serving uselessness, and how it is “little more than social work tinged with messianic delusions.” Get rid of it.

Related to that is Wendy McElroy’s assertion that Obama Agrees with Hitler on Schooling Children.

Infowars has this article on how the CDC is allegedly covering up the earlier pre-1963 link between the Polio vaccine and cancer. Get rid of the CDC. They’re FOS.

And Philip Giraldi has this article, Edward Snowden Is No Traitor.

The real traitors and criminals are those with the powers of the State who criminally violate the people’s property and liberty. Those are the real “subversives.” This goes back to Gary Gibson’s article above. When the people forfeit their rights to establish their own means of self-defense and security, and allow the State to usurp such tasks, the State will use such powers to serve its own hunger for power and control. Those who are most desirous of power and control over others are those who are most attracted to this line of work, this kind of power monopoly. They are the subversive ones.

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