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Can We Liberate Our Currently Un-Free America?

Robert Wenzel has this post showing how just about everything we do now requires that we report it to the government, have the government keep track of it, get government’s permission for it, or have to otherwise deal with government’s intrusions in some way.

In other words, we no longer have freedom in America.

And just who is the “government” with such authorities anyway? It is nothing but petty bureaucrats, professional politicians and lawyers, most of whom could never survive in a world without the force of an institutionalized State monopoly with the power to steal from the workers and producers and redistribute the loot.

But in my view, to restore such freedom (which was what America used to be known for, for crying out loud!), we cannot rely on state legislators, congressmen, city councilors, or otherwise “lawmakers.” The majority of them are drawn to the powers of government monopoly and force in order to feel important. And the rest of those who get into such a line of “work” may start with good intentions, even to repeal the intrusions, but end up not getting any such repeals through, or just become addicted to the power.

Therefore, one possibility is to reach the actual enforcers of such intrusions. I’ve tried to touch on that in the past. Is there any way to reach the actual government police to convince them of the actual immoral criminality of their enforcing such intrusions against the lives and property of private, peaceful people?

After all, if the government wants to say that something is a “crime,” then, as Laurence Vance asserted, there would need to be a victim. So, just about everything now that government says is “illegal” is NOT a crime, because these bureaucrats are mostly referring to peaceful behaviors.

People have a right to their freedom, and the right to be left alone in their persons and property, unless and until someone has actually aggressed against someone else’s person or property. It’s a basic, libertarian way of life that the early Americans understood. But modern Americans don’t really see that, because the government-seized education system indoctrinates the people to become good, unthinking, obedient little sheeple.

So when police are enforcing with physical violence and deprivation of life and liberty such non-crime “laws” against peaceful people, those police are the aggressors here, they are the ones who are acting criminally against peaceful, innocent people. Anthony Gregory recently addressed this point in the context of the gun control issue.

Can we possibly reach any government police and convince them to not enforce criminal fake-laws?

And one thing that has corrupted the whole system is the centralizing and bureaucratizing of “national security.” Such centralization has built up gradually since Herr Lincoln’s obsessive punishment of those who believe in self-determination.

More recently, when the Cold War ended, the power-addicted Rulers couldn’t even consider the actual dismantling of the national security-military-industrial complex which was no longer necessary at that time. That is why in 1991 then-defense Sec. Dick Cheney connived and schemed with then-President George H.W. Bush to start a new war of aggression, along with sanctions and no-fly zones to intentionally prevent the Iraqis from rebuilding their water and sewage treatment systems the U.S. military intentionally destroyed. The purpose of the war was to cause new provocations of foreigners, and continue such aggressions throughout the 1990s. Most Americans still don’t know or care about those things. But they do care about some stupid “royal baby” in the fascist U.K.

And now, thanks to Dick Cheney and the Elder President Bush (and Bush the Bedwetter who continued the wars of aggressions after 9/11 to further provoke foreigners), we have a War on Terror, in which the “War” is really a war on our freedom, and the real terrorists are those ^#%@%^ government bureaucrats!

As Washington’s Blog details, because of the “national security” warmongers and military-security contractor profiteers, we no longer have a functioning judicial system. And Bruce Schneier at the Atlantic explains how “everything is terrorism” now to the government.

Outside of the militarization of society and the usurping of our rights and the imprisonment of the entire population in the name of “keeping us safe,” we are also un-free now in other areas. Thankfully, there are many articles now on a daily basis which describe how less free we are now in all areas of daily life.

In the economy, for example, James Dorn at Forbes explains how the “minimum wage is cruelest to those who can’t find a job.” And Mary Theroux at the Independent Institute explains how the ObamaCareless database will enable nearly anyone to have access to your private personal and medical information. (Hmmm. That’s soooo Soviet Union. No wonder the American sheeple like the idea of ObamaCareless.)

And, while I don’t always agree with Mr. Instapundit on everything, he does have a creative suggestion on curbing the government’s spying on you: the Third Amendment. However, just as they now refuse to recognize the Bill of Rights as containing any meaningful restrictions on all the government’s aforementioned intrusions and encroachments into people’s lives, liberty and property, the State-rubber-stamping courts will obviously not recognize the 3rd Amendment. Oh, well.

So Michael Rozeff’s solution at today is to “end the union” as it is a “failed State.” And I agree with that, as I have mentioned here many times before. (See this, this, this, and this, for examples.)

Anyway, Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman of the Future of Freedom Foundation have this very thought-provoking discussion on the main differences between the freedom of libertarianism and the oppression and imprisonment of the conservatives’ and the Left’s statism.

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