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Will the Professional “Journalists” Now Defend Their Own Press Freedoms?

Glenn Greenwald has this post on whether the news media, in light of the recent Obama intrusions of the AP and Obama attempting to criminalize a Fox News reporter’s journalism work,  will do anything to defend Press freedoms and the First Amendment’s protection of the people’s right to question their government Rulers, their right to investigate what the Rulers are doing, and their right to report on what the government Rulers are doing.

And these rights which are inherent amongst the people belong to everyone, not just “professional” (if we can call them that) news journalists, but bloggers, pamphlet-distributors, and just average everyday people as well.

Greenwald cited HuffPo’s Michael Calderone who asked some White House reporters if they will respond to these threats against Freedom of the Press by the Obama Administration and AG Eric Holster. The general consensus from the “professional” news journalists is that they will do nothing. As Greenwald later noted, the news media by and large have become virtually a part of the U.S. government in their subservience and government propagandism.

Greenwald quoted Mark Grassy Knoller and Ann Compton:

Just marvel at their excuses for inaction. “It would be unprofessional,” CBS News’ Mark Knoller said. “We’re there to cover the president, his policies and statements, not stage a protest.” ABC News’ White House correspondent Ann Compton explained: “White House briefings are not advocacy sessions. We are there as reporters, to ask about presidential actions and policies not advocate, even for press freedom.”

News media personalities these days are really just that: personalities, self-absorbed in promoting their careers, not particularly concerned for getting at the truth. And add to that the more recent phenomenon of text-obsession zombies, social schmoozing and a love of the State.

I would say that Greenwald has consistently exposed various examples of news media sycophancy and subservience to government bureaucrats. In general, even the “liberal” media’s propagandizing for George W. Bush on behalf of the Iraq War was sickening.

But the news “journalists” own propaganda and suppression of facts and information of then-2008 candidate Barack Obama was exposed for what it was, especially by the “Journolists.” Remember them?

Many national news “journalists” themselves have been in and out of various government jobs, such as Diane Sawyer (a former Nixon flunky) and George Snuffleupagus, who worked for President Bill Clinton.

Here are some past articles by Greenwald on the Media-Government-Complex:

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Here is Edward R. Murrow on the right to dissent, the importance of due process and presumption of innocence, and that a free people should not be driven by fear:

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