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Update from Boston

This is truly the Twilight Zone. The government-police “authorities” have the entire greater Boston area in a virtual “lockdown.” How stupid are these people? The government imbeciles have shut down the whole mass transit system, cab service, most schools and universities are closed, and many businesses as well. The “authorities” are urging everyone to stay in their homes. And for what? A single lone suspect? But given the mentality of today’s government police, I am much more afraid of police doing these possible “door to door searches” than I am of some lone suspect on the loose.

In contrast, if everyone in this whole area instead went about their business, went to school or to work or did their shopping or went to scheduled appointments, would their chance of getting killed or hurt by this one guy increase at all, above their chance that their home in which they are currently sheltering themselves could be the one place that the lone suspect may invade?

It is totally crazy for our Rulers to be making people stay in their homes and for who knows how long, and for no good reason. There are always risks in life, and turning the entire population into prisoners (as well as the slaves of the State they already are) will not reduce those risks.

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