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The Occupying Criminal Nazi Government Terrorists Who Rule Over Us

Infowars has a good article with photos and videos on the Watertown Siege. Many of us have been warning how the post-9/11 knee-jerk police state and the militarized local police all across America will devolve into a full police state. We are called, “conspiracy theorists” and “paranoid” by the sheeple and the brownshirts who have no problem with repealing the Fourth and Fifth Amendments (and the entire Bill of Rights actually), people who do not believe that the Rulers must follow the rule of law.

Just look at how innocent civilians are treated as criminal suspects. These government police Nazis are the ones committing actual crimes against innocent civilians. This is outright thuggery and criminality, yet the sheeple go along with it. This is totally disgusting.

Yet no one in Massachusetts will move to bring criminal charges against the perpetrators of these crimes, these criminal violations of person and property, of literally terrorizing these innocent people. No one will attempt to impeach those in charge who ordered these crimes to take place, including Gov. Deval Patrick and the heads of these various state police and local police departments.

This is Dick Cheney’s Amerika, and Oliver North’s Amerika. I’m sure you Massachusetts “liberals” and “progressives” are really proud of yourselves.

Do you really think that we will be any freer from now on? Or less free and more tyrannized from now on?

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