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The Massachusetts ACLU Is Not Challenging the Police Crimes in Watertown

Yesterday I posted a link to an article including photos and videos of the illegal and unconstitutional police home searches in Watertown, Massachusetts. I think we are clearly ****ed when so many amongst the population approve of these Nazi-like police tactics.

Jim Davies has a great piece on today, Divides, on how most of the population approve of this Fourth Reich, but there are some of us who recognize how criminal and thuggish it is to order innocent civilians from their homes while the armed officers of the State search the premises (and possibly steal, and, beyond just looking for a possibly hiding suspect but unlawfully search for drugs and weapons as well).

To show how low America has sunk, even the ACLU in Massachusetts has stated that the police acted legally, at least according to Massachusetts ACLU executive director Carol Rose.

Unbelievable. You see, police really must have a specific reason to believe that a specific suspect is hiding in a specific home to have “probable cause” to search the home. You can’t just go on some community-wide fishing expedition. There are rules to follow in a society that presumably exists under the rule of law. Everyone must follow the rule of law, including police.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution mentions “probable cause.” AND, the police must have a written warrant, signed by a judge, and obtained with “reasonable suspicion.” If there is no reason to believe that the suspect is in that specific home, then you may not search the home. Period.

And further, ordering people to leave their home while police go in to search? What the hell kind of crap is that? This is pure criminality, the whole thing. The Fourth Amendment mentions “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.” But how secure in your person, house, papers and effects are you when police (of all people!!) are in your home while you are not there to supervise them? (“What? Don’t you trust the police?” Barf!)

Yeah, I know. “Exigent circumstances.” F that, as far as I am concerned. As Jim Davies notes in the linked article above, if we didn’t have a government that has been invading, victimizing, bombing and murdering innocents overseas for decades and decades, foreigners would thus have no reason to retaliate against America. Most people don’t understand that because they are brainwashed zombies who believe everything that the government propagandists tell them, as repeated word-for-word by the stenographers in the mainstream media.

And so we need to rethink the idea of socialist government monopoly over community security and policing. When bureaucrats monopolize something, especially something giving the bureaucrats armed authority and artificial officialdom, then we have fascism. The police socialism and fascism that has existed in America has had its tough times, especially during crises, such as the 1968 Chicago convention, the Rodney King ordeal, and the Occupy movement more recently. But now it has spiraled out of control, and this society is quickly becoming a total police state, and for no good reason!

It is disgusting that this is happening in Massachusetts of all places!

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