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The Chickenhawk Commissars and the San Francisco Communists: Hand in Hand, Haters of Freedom

Lew Rockwell has this article today on the neocon “commissars” who want to silence those who speak truth to power and who favor individual liberty and private property. And Justin Raimondo has this piece on the San Francisco communists’ “gay pride” parade which is turning out to be more of a “State pride” parade.

The San Francisco “gay pride” parade committee has reversed its decision to make Bradley Manning the parade’s grand marshal. Some of the very “prideful” spoke or wrote of Manning as a “traitor,” and that is the reason for their reversal. Now, if you’re very gullible and easily propagandized by government bureaucrats, then you probably believe that Bradley Manning is a “traitor.”

But what Manning did — releasing “classified” documents, most of which were not sensitive to U.S. national security, and thus did not pose a threat to soldiers or to the American public — was not to “aid and abet” the enemy, but to inform the American people of our government and military bureaucrats’ blatant war crimes and bureaucrats and diplomats’ gross incompetence and buffoonery. (From the U.K. Guardian, here are the Afghanistan War Logs, and the U.S. Embassy Cables, for a reminder.)

Manning’s motivations were not out of loyalty to “the enemy,” but loyalty to America. His loyalty was not to government bureaucrats or military high commanders, but to the American people. That is in total contrast to our Rulers, those corrupt and incompetent bureaucrats in Washington, whose loyalty is not to the American people but to the profiteers and campaign contributors of the military-security-congressional-industrial complex, and to a globalist, central-planning agenda.

The globalist, central planning agenda is what brings those “progressives” (i.e. communists) in San Francisco close together with the neocon chickenhawks for whom there have not been enough wars to plan out from the comfort of their own little secure, undisclosed locations.

As Lew Rockwell notes, the “commissar” neocons have their roots in Trotsky, who believed in spreading the socialist utopia globally (by force, obviously), just as the covetous neocons have been attempting to do since the end of Cold War. Those neocons have been using the armed power of the State to implement their delusional, central planning fantasies of how they think the inhabitants of foreign territories must live their lives (and sacrifice their natural resources for the covetous, interventionist droolers). And by “the State” I am specifically referring of course to the U.S. government which has existed through enslaving the labor of the American workers and producers and expropriating their private wealth and property.

That government expansion and spreading of U.S. government apparatus worldwide is very communist in nature, in my view. It certainly isn’t respectful of private property and the sanctity of human life, that’s for sure.

So the neocons and the San Francisco commies join in their loyalty to authoritarianism and a strong centralized regime to decide how others in and outside of America must live.

As opposed to Bradley Manning, whose loyalty is to the truth, the rule of law and the American people, the San Francisco commies and the chickenhawk neocon Trotskyites’ loyalty is to the evil, murderous, covetous State.

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