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Herr Obama’s Weekly Radio Address: Exploiting More Victims of Tragedy

I don’t know what’s more unsettling, frightening or disgusting, Obama’s exploiting the grief of Sandy Hook parents, or the gullibility and naivete of the American people in their obediently and unthinkingly supporting our Rulers’ drooling craving for Total State Control.

This morning a grieving mother of a murdered Sandy Hook School child took the microphone for Obama’s weekly radio address. To me, this is disgusting, as is what various state and federal pols and power grabbers are doing to compromise the right to security and self-protection of each and every human being.

Regarding Obama’s radio stand-in today — and I am sure this is going to seem extremely harsh — there is no amount of “gun control” or other legislation that will bring back this lady’s murdered child. This reminds me of MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who are constantly supporting or sponsoring one item of legislation after another, one police-state tactic after another, drunk-driving roadblocks a.k.a. “sobriety checkpoints” and so forth, stopping and harassing innocent people for no good reason, as though these fascist policies will bring back their children who were killed by drunk drivers.

Why does the Sandy Hook parent who is being exploited by Herr Obama today want to disarm totally innocent people who had nothing to do with her child’s death? Why does this lady want to make totally innocent, peaceful law-abiding people defenseless because someone else murdered her child? Doesn’t she know that when she helps to disarm people and make them defenseless (like the government-mandated “gun-free zone” at her deceased child’s school), she is making it easier for criminals — people who do not obey laws against murder, rape, assault or obey gun restrictions — to commit their crimes against innocents with no resistance whatsoever?

Sadly, when it comes to crises and tragedies, too many of our contemporary folks respond solely with emotion and not rational thought, unlike the people of the Enlightenment era and the Revolutionary Americans who actually had the patience and common sense to think things through.

But this issue doesn’t just involve the right of each and every human being to self-defense against private criminals, but against government criminals as well.

Throughout history, governments have been responsible for more “gun violence” and murders of and crimes against innocent human beings than private criminals, and it isn’t even close. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of innocent human beings whose lives have been and continue to be criminally abused, wrecked or snuffed out by government criminals.

As Judge Napolitano wrote here, the people of the civilian population have a right to be armed to protect themselves from the government’s soldiers, “law enforcers,” and other armed agents who act criminally against the people. Most people who aren’t mainstream media-hypnotized zombies and who see the Internet and blogs and YouTube every day are quite aware of the out of control police, S.W.A.T. teams and federal agents all across America. Unfortunately, a vast proportion of the population are State-worshiping sheeple, and as jurors they would vote to convict an individual who “resisted arrest” or attempted to defend oneself against a uniformed and badged agent of the State acting criminally against the innocent individual. This is as thoroughly un-American as the dumbed-down, subservient zombies can get, in my opinion.

Despite the increasing number of atrocities committed by government agents on a daily basis in America, many people remain in denial, and do not believe America could descend into the kind of tyranny experienced in Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, North Korea, and many other parts of the world, even though that is what has been happening right before our very eyes. We have a President who claims the power to indefinitely detain or kill any innocent human being he wants without suspicion and without being required to show evidence against the accused. The federally-funded militarized local police departments are enforcing extremely stupid drug laws and other nonsense ordinances just to meet their arrest quotas and for “revenue enhancement.” And the federal government’s DHS and other agencies are stocking up on hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo because the sleazy, corrupt criminals in Washington know that trouble is ahead, and many of these people locally and federally are so sadistically power hungry they can’t wait for it to happen.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes wrote this Pledge of Resistance against government criminals disarming innocent civilians. It is these very courageous people like Stewart Rhodes who will protect the people from the criminals, both private and public.

I feel very sad for the grieving parents of murdered children and sorry for their loss, but it is a shame that they let politician low-lifes exploit them for the sake of further expanded State power and control and further enslavement of the people.

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