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Pornography, Perverts, and the Police State

At spiked magazine online, Frank Furedi has this very interesting article, Porn: No Longer a Dirty Little Secret, in which he discusses quite a few aspects of pornography. Now, I don’t usually discuss these kinds of issues. But Wendy McElroy discussed the issue of pornography quite a bit in her Daily Bell interview just out yesterday. So I will discuss this issue today.

In his article, Furedi writes, “Pornography has become a culturally, even socially validated fetish, and this resonates with today’s wider tendency to devalue the private sphere. In recent decades, the ethos of transparency has trumped that of privacy.”

This, in my own opinion, is coinciding with the increase in collectivization of society, and the decline of respect for the individual and the rights thereof.

And Furedi writes, “Contemporary society is increasingly suspicious of private life and intimacy. Everything conducted behind closed doors is viewed as a prelude to abuse or domestic violence. The longing for intimacy is depicted as a dangerous desire to lose oneself in someone else. Love is often described as too risky. This stigmatisation of private relationships runs alongside a ceaseless attempt to push sex out into the public domain.”

That is my conclusion exactly. And this stigmatization of private relations goes with the contempt that our Rulers have for the idea of privacy, the dignity of the individual to have one’s own private life actually be private and of private couples, groups, associations to have their own private matters kept private. So, in my view, the sexualization of society is coinciding with the collectivization of society. And all this, of course, goes with our growing police state in which the individual no longer has rights, no longer has liberty, and no longer has privacy.

One article that was published in the past year that describes the perverted sexualizing of society and the Rulers’ authoritarian intrusions into people’s most intimate existence was by Naomi Wolf, How the U.S. Uses Sexual Humiliation as a Political Tool to Control the Masses. In that article, Wolf discusses the U.S. Supreme Imbeciles’ ruling which allowed police to strip-search any arrestee while in jail, regardless of what minor “offenses” for which one was arrested. Like the sicko TSA airport groping and molesting, these policies are just further ways for the Rulers and their minions to act out their sick fantasies of control over innocent human beings, being legally permitted to stick their dirty perverted fingers and what have you into innocent human beings’ anuses, vaginas, and so forth. (Generally, the ones who are attracted to these kinds of jobs are the ones who get off on those very crimes committed against other human beings.)

I really believe that the voyeurism aspects of our sick police state, the TSA’s cancer-radiation-emitting scanner machines along with the jail strip-searching, is a natural outcome of the steady increase in the public acceptance of porn and “open sexuality” as an “okay” everyday occurrence. What we have in modern times is a dysfunctionalizing of pornography whose use, in my opinion, is perhaps much more “normal” when kept private. (Call me an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud, whatever.)

Back to Furedi, who writes about the decline of the integrity of private relationships and sexuality, and regarding voyeaurism and the trend toward revealing one’s feelings and desires to mass audiences,

This constant demand for revelation empties intimacy of meaning. When the very private thoughts that were once only disclosed to an intimate are communicated to a mass audience, then human relationships corrode. Sex also changes dramatically when it becomes a public spectacle. It is only in the private sphere that it is possible to make love; in public, sex becomes just physical coupling. Paradoxically, the more sex is transformed into a public spectacle, the more it becomes unsexed. Sexual desire, a very human attribute, is transformed into a need for physical release. From this perspective, the principal virtue of pornography is that it allows physical release to be experienced outside of a human relationship.

And I see this more generally in the police state and the surveillance state: the collectivist authoritarian Rulers treat the people as inanimate objects with which the Rulers and their “workers” satisfy their own selfish desires for intrusive voyeurism and sexual humiliation of others.

While Furedi agrees with me in rejecting any kind of censorship (and Wendy McElroy had stated in the aforementioned interview, as being a “free speech absolutist”), he brings up how the pro-censorship crowd wants to inflict their censoring “for the children.” (It’s always “for the children.”) But it’s really the culture that has decayed to the point at which sexuality in no longer private.

The American Dream Blog has these articles worth reading, 21 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Have Become Training Centers for Sexual Deviancy, and 25 Signs American Women Are Being Destroyed by the Sexual Revolution and Our Promiscuous Culture. And, regarding the police state, Why Are Police in America Treating Women Like Dogs?

But I wonder if some of the same kinds of people who want to impose censorship — such as on the Internet — “for the children,” are the ones who are pushing sex onto the kids. And are the censorship pushers part of the same crowd who are aligned with the Child Protective Services Nazis? Please, don’t get me started on the CPS Nazis now. And their involvement with the adoption and foster care rackets (See here most recently, and here, here, here and here, for examples.), and child sex trafficking racket. In Georgia, the late state Sen. Nancy Schaefer was exposing the corrupt CPS and their involvement in child sex trafficking, and she died an unexpected, suspicious death.

I see a close connection between the police state and the purposeful dysfunctionalizing of sexuality and pushing of sex onto kids, whether it be through pornography or more direct actions.

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