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Sequester Shenanigans, and the Demise of the GOP

The “sequester” debate continues, as the selfish, snorting beasts in Washington refuse to make any substantial cuts, and the debate will end with the usual Democrats getting their way and Republicans caving (which most of them were planning to do anyway). The squealing trough-feeders will once again raise taxes, and this will be on top of the other taxes that were raised on January 1st, and the ObamaCare taxes that will cause further unemployment.

Not only are those clowns in Washington selfish and clinging to their extravagant lifestyle but they are clueless to the fact that their continual kicking the can down the road will at some point totally remove the actual producers from society, from whose labor and savings these vampires suck and suck and suck (and suck).

Many talk shows and pundits seem to have a general consensus that the Republican Party is more or less doomed, and there really isn’t much they can do to save themselves. The sheeple continue to vote for socialist Republicans in charge such as John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham, and, as I’ve noted here many times now, we really do have one-party rule in Amerika.

Well, these clueless Republicans have really done it to themselves, especially during the most recent Presidential campaign, in their snubbing, booing, ostracizing, banishing, misrepresenting, and attempting to silence Ron Paul. No, not one of the dumb GOP socialists — Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, et al. — could have beaten Obama. But in match-up polls during the primaries, only Ron Paul could have beaten Obama.

Ron Paul was the only Republican in Congress, and certainly the only GOP Presidential candidate, who understood that this whole central planning thing in Washington just isn’t working. Dr. Paul would’ve eliminated most of the cabinet-level departments and most federal agencies which are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution. Paul also recognizes that foreign interventionism backfires and begets more interventionism by the clueless statists in Washington, and that is why we need to end U.S. government foreign interventionism entirely.

Dr. Paul also understands monetary policy, dollar hegemony, and the differences between monetary central planning and free banking/sound money.

Unfortunately, most Republicans are as much statists as Democrats, and they love central planning. Most of them are authoritarian in their mentality and have an automatic knee-jerk interventionism mindset.

In the foreign policy category, John McCain went on and on and on about the Benghazi fiasco and how our government diplomats and forces should have done more to prevent the murders of the four Americans there, and Rand Paul questioned Hillary Clinton extensively. But no one on the panel bothered to even ask why our government, diplomatic and military people are even over there in those parts of the world!

That question just didn’t even occur to them. They are statists and “exceptionalists” who take it as a given that our government must have a presence in all those other parts of the world, even though that is not authorized by the Constitution, and history has shown that these foreign intrusions by U.S. government agents and forces do nothing but provoke foreigners to act against Americans and other Westerners, and create blowback.

But because of their ignorance, authoritarianism, nationalism and moral relativism (“booing” the Golden Rule), they are wasting so much time and energy analyzing and trying to find remedies for these policies of interventionist intrusions that shouldn’t be going on in the first place.

And these statists, R and D, are truly covetous, it’s no longer a surprise to see how selfish and clinging they are. Their passion for coveting foreign lands and resources is as much as it is for the private wealth and property, and lives, of their fellow Americans. You know, the sheeple who vote for these criminals and whose hard labor the criminals benefit from. Yeah, those fellow Americans. Very covetous are they. And I say “sheeple” because, as Robert Wenzel pointed out, most Americans are clueless about the need to get rid of central planning, or even to make very big cuts in the federal budget — in fact, many of the sheeple want to increase government spending!

So, in the sequester debate, many of these same Republicans whose campaign rhetoric consists of “cutting spending,” “cut taxes,” and — get this — “free markets” (barf!) are not willing to cut anything substantial from the trillions-dollars federal budget. Certainly not from the merchants of death of the military-security-congressional-industrial complex.

For example, Robert Wenzel has this post about Rand Paul not wanting to lay off federal employees, and instead the younger Paul submits a plan to make government more efficient. Just recently, I posted a link to Murray Rothbard’s article, The Myth of Efficient Government Service. Rothbard makes point after point to show how inefficiency is inherent in government monopolies and “services.”

In addition to government and central planning’s inherent inefficiencies, there is the tyranny aspect to Big Government Leviathan that we have now, and it’s still growing. In Wenzel’s post, he notes, “Government cuts shouldn’t be about attempting to prevent havoc and chaos, they should be about creating havoc and chaos, so that the people are freed from the junior tyrants in all these agencies.”

So, if we were to follow the elder Paul’s plan (had the rest of the GOP Establishment not pushed him away like the snarling, insufferable little brats that they are), whole departments, agencies, bureaus and other intruders would be given the heave-ho, and not only would that save the American people a lot of money, but a lot of anguish as well, as at least a little bit of their liberty would be restored — a little less fear of some sniveling government hack coming to their door or into their businesses to harass, intimidate and threaten them.

There are other parts of government that should be given the heave-ho as well, totally unnecessary intrusions that are loved by total control freaks, social engineering fanatics and extreme nationalists, and I am not referring to the “Left.” I am getting very tired of hearing these Republicans and conservatives, and their thumb-sucking talk radio defenders, go on about what “control freaks” Democrats and progressives are, when these very conservatives are the fat pots calling the kettles black.

The Left and progressives are control freaks when it comes to guns, but really private ownership of guns. We know that deep down these ignoramuses are very authoritarian in nature, and they have no problem with a heavily armed police state, from local police to military. But the conservatives have their own control freak issues. (See my article on the similarities between the neocons and the progressives.)

But one issue I have in mind is the immigration issue. I have written about that here and here. Sadly, many conservatives and nationalists believe that central planners in Washington should have complete control over who migrates into this territory and who doesn’t. That should not be the decision of government bureaucrats, but of private people moving about freely, establishing contracts and engaging in free commerce and trade. In this issue, conservatives are the “control freaks.” They certainly don’t believe in “free markets” here, not in the least.

And the other issue of conservative control freakishness is the “same-sex marriage” issue. As I noted in my article The Right to Marry, all human beings have a right to marry, and it’s no one else’s business. Only real control freaks want to assume ownership over other people’s lives, relationships and marriages.

And it is also in immigration in which the statist conservatives show covetous usurping of ownership over other people’s lives. But most Americans in general have this nationalistic covetousness, in my view. They actually value the idea of “citizenship,” in which we really are owned by the government. That is what “being a citizen of America” really means, being the property of the government. (See Carl Watner on that.)

And in addition to the Republicans and conservatives’ inability to understand “fiscal conservatism,” and unwillingness to make meaningful cuts (being the covetous, squealing socialist hogs that they are), those two issues, immigration and “gay marriage,” will also aid in the demise of the GOP. (And why the Republicans and conservatives worship the awful “Honest Abe,” I’ll never know.) Good riddance to bad … well, you know.

If this seems like just a rant against Republicans and conservatives, well, I suppose so. But the Democrats are even worse, and, as Thomas DiLorenzo writes about the “Washington Monument Syndrome,” the Democrats in control will whine and threaten the people until they get their way. They’re all babies combined with being criminals down there in that terrible place. How the hell could Ron Paul have stood being there for the decades he was there?

So anyway, as the U.S. is becoming like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, as I have stated many times here, it looks like it will take major economic collapse and worse for the people to learn why central planning is a bad idea and we need to get rid of it, and decentralize and desocialize.  In 2007, Lew Rockwell offered a very good “Thirty-Day Plan” to dismantle the federal Leviathan that has done nothing but wreak havoc on the people. Here are my favorite parts:

…DAY THREE: The federal government sells all its land, freeing up tens of millions of acres for development, mining, farming, forestry, oil drilling, private parks, etc. The government uses the revenue to pay off the national debt and other liabilities.

DAY FOUR: The minimum wage is reduced to zero, creating jobs for ex-federal bureaucrats at their market wage. All pro-union laws and regulations are scrapped. The jobless rate falls dramatically….

….DAY SIX: The Department of Commerce is abolished. Big business has to make its own way in the world, without subsidies and privileges at the expense of its competitors and customers.

DAY SEVEN: The plug is pulled on the Department of Energy. Oil and gas prices plummet.

DAY EIGHT: All regulatory agencies, from the Interstate Commerce Commission to the Federal Trade Commission, are deep-sixed. Competition is legalized….

DAY TWELVE: The Federal Reserve closes its open-market operations and stops protecting the banking industry from competition. But banks can now engage in all the non-bank financial activities previously forbidden to them. The business cycle, which is caused by monetary expansion through the credit markets, is liquidated.

DAY THIRTEEN: Federal deposit insurance is scrapped. All insured deposits are redeemed from federal assets, which include the personal assets of high-level government employees. The threat of bank runs forces banks to keep 100% reserves for their demand deposits, and prudent reserves on all other accounts. There are no more inherently bankrupt banks propped up by the government, at taxpayer expense, and no more bail-outs….

….DAY EIGHTEEN: The Justice Department shutters its anti-trust division. Companies, big and small, are free to merge – up, down, or sideways. Stockholders can buy any other company, or sell their stock to anyone else. Marginal producers can no longer battle their competitors with bureaucratic weapons.

DAY NINETEEN: The Department of Education flunks the constitutionality test, and is kicked out. Private charities set up remedial reading and writing programs for the former bureaucrats. Federally subsidized sex education and other anti-family programs go out of business. Local school districts become responsive to parents or close, pressured by a fast-growing private school sector (which many more parents can now afford)….

DAY TWENTY-SIX: Porno artists have to earn their own livings, as the National Endowment for the Arts tries to raise its budget through sidewalk painting sales.

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: Foreign aid is outlawed as unconstitutional, unjust, and un-economic. Foreign politicians have to steal their own money. The World Bank, IMF, and United Nations close their super-luxurious doors….

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