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Good Posts Analyzing the Obama Excuse-to-Murder-Innocents Memo; Plus, Suggestions for an Alternative

Marcy Wheeler has these posts on the more specific aspects of the recently publicized memo regarding Obama’s murder program.

Is One of the Anwar al-Awlaki Memos a Revised Imminence Standard?

Article II or AUMF? “A High Level Official” (AKA John Brennan) Says CIA Can Murder You

They Knew the Evidence against Anwar al-Awlaki Was Weak When They Killed Him

I think that analyzing the specifics can be important, and I suppose that, as long as we are forced to live in this system of government monopoly over “national security,” and given that the people have stupidly handed control over their security to the lowest common denominator amongst the population, then it is good to engage in some slicing and dicing of a fascist government executive’s illicit murder program, to protect ourselves (and foreign people) from being its future victims.

However, my being a realist includes the acceptance that no amount of “oversight” or “reforms” really will protect us from being future victims of Leviathan’s reckless violence, as long as we keep the system of monopoly and centralization in place. As long as a population gives monopoly power to stupid, non-productive bureaucrats, it is destined to become a dictatorship, and just another tyranny, like Nazi Germany, North Korea, and the Soviet Union.

Just look at all the articles I have now in my USSA Amerika page. The U.S. isn’t quickly becoming another totalitarian tyranny?

For those who really believe that we should keep the current system of socialized, corporatist, central planning in “national security” in place, I have a bridge to sell you.

But for those interested in alternative to the statist quo, here are some informative articles:

Gustave de Molinari: The Production of Security

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Reflections on State and War

Morris and Linda Tanehill: Foreign Aggression

Murray Rothbard: War, Peace, and the State

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Private Production of Defense [.pdf]

Murray Rothbard: War and Foreign Policy

Robert Higgs: The Living Reality of Military-Economic Fascism

Murray Rothbard: No More Military Socialism

The Washington Post Series, Top Secret America, (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4)

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Myth of National Defense [.pdf]

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: On the Impossibility of Limited Government

Robert Murphy: Production and the Market for Security (Audio)

Murray Rothbard: War Guilt in the Middle East

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