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There were many emails regarding my recent post, Talk Radio, R.I.P.? Sorry I can’t reply to all emails. Apparently, LRC had reposted it, and some of the emailers had the impression that it was a formal article that I had sent in to LRC. But no, it was really just a regular blog post, and I was surprised to see it on LRC. (Which is fine with me, by the way, if anyone wants to repost my blog posts or articles, with attribution. Thanks for noticing.)

Someone mentioned the “conspicuous absence” of Alex Jones in my post, Jones who has a radio talk show on a station in Texas that is also a popular Internet talk show. Another person mentioned Barry Farber. A couple people mentioned Ron Smith in regards to my referring to early deaths at WBZ and WRKO, and yes, I knew about Ron Smith, but, again, it was really just a regular blog post, and mainly about the Boston talk radio situation.


Speaking of Alex Jones, he appeared with Piers Morgan yesterday on CNN.  Jones was his typical very assertive and passionate self in his defense of the right to bear arms. Morgan is totally clueless, a sheeple statist who apparently wants only the police and military to have firearms but not the civilian population. He obviously doesn’t know his history.

Worse, after the second segment of Jones and Morgan’s yelling match argument discussion, a female producer “shed tears” and the CNN honchos and Morgan decided not to continue with Jones in the planned third segment, in which Jones was to debate the government gun-grabbing issue with Alan Dershowitz. So the cowardly Dershowitz came on with just Morgan to lie about the statistics and historical facts that Jones brought up, as well as calling Jones a liar.

It is very sad to see how Dershowitz has sunk since the old days. He used to be a champion of the First Amendment, free speech and civil liberties. Now, not so much. His anti-Arab bigotry and Israel-Firstness, as well as his increasing disregard for civil liberties and due process, have been extremely disappointing. As Infowars described last night in the linked article, “Jones said he also confronted Dershowitz on his support for creating warrants that would allow police and security services to torture suspects, adding that Dershowitz was not interested in debating Jones.” They linked to an article on Dershowitz’s website, “The Case for Torture Warrants,”  but I’ll link to this one on Reuters for further info on that.

Dershowitz doesn’t like being called an “Israel Firster,” so he had attempted to get MJ Rosenberg fired from Media Matters. Here is another link regarding Dershowitz’s obsession with Israel, and his refusal to hear any criticism of the “Jewish State.” (It’s not a “Jewish State,” it’s a “militant nationalist” State.) Hmmm. I wonder if Dershowitz has an opinion on Israel’s anti-black pogrom currently going on.

And Robert Wenzel posted the video of that third segment from CNN of Piers Morgan and Alan Dershowitz talking and lying about guns and Alex Jones.


In the aforementioned interview between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones, Jones declared, “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.” As I have mentioned before, the main reason for the early Americans’ 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is for the people, the civilian population, to have the means to defend themselves against their centralized federal government. They already knew from their own experience then that the more centralized a government is, the more likely it is to become too powerful, repressive and tyrannical. That was why they revolted and separated themselves from the British rulers.

Just look at all these articles I have now on my “USSA Amerika” page that show how our own country is turning into an increasingly repressive, freedom-less prison-State. “It can’t happen here”?

Now, regarding the right to bear arms, and more specifically the right to bear the kinds of arms that Dianne Feinstein and other fascists want to ban: The individual human being, with the natural, God- or nature-given right to life, liberty and security, has the natural right to defend oneself against the aggression of others, no matter who those others are, including government agents, government police or government military. And it is the individual’s right to possess the means of self-defense and self-preservation to defend oneself. That means, as Stewart Rhodes very eloquently detailed in this declaration of his right to bear arms, that if the government possessed certain types of weaponry and firearms and so forth, then the civilian population has the right to possess the exact same things. The early Americans could not have carried out a revolution had their means of defense been inferior to those of the British.

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