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I just had some comments regarding my article that was on on Monday, on America’s escalating fascism under Dictator Obama. There weren’t as many emails regarding that one as with other ones. Sorry I can’t reply to all emails.

Sometimes I write a piece that has a bit much “vitriolic rhetoric,” and other times it is more straightforward, without the snide remarks etc. In this one, I seemed to have overdone it on the “vitriolic rhetoric” mainly only in the first 6 or 7 paragraphs, and sorry about that. But the remaining paragraphs seemed to be much better. I think that these fascists and communists in control are really terrifying now, and it’s perhaps getting on my nerves, I don’t know. The criminals in charge are the real terrorists, if anyone around here can be accurately described as a “terrorist.”

Also in that article, in the first parts referring to Massachusetts, I had several links to the Boston Globe, but when checking links, because the Glob was then requiring registration (which it wasn’t doing originally), I had to replace all those links! No. More. Links. To. Boston. Globe. Sorry, Globe, you suck. These @#$%^&^ print media dinosaurs still can’t assimilate to the Internet! And the Boston Herald sucks too, as they archive their articles within a week or so, and then you have to PAY for them! Stupid idiots. Well, when fewer other websites and blogs link to you, you will get fewer clicks on your ads, you bozos! But they don’t get it.

So anyway, in my article, I included a reference to Obama’s half-brother, George who lives in Nairobi. I didn’t mean for any kind of “racial” references in referring to George Obama and Gov. Deval Patrick (regarding my references to Massachusetts bureaucrats). There was nothing going on there having to do with anyone being black, whether or not that day was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

I really don’t give a damn what someone’s skin color is. If these bureaucrats are fascists, then I don’t like them. The two Bush presidents started three wars against other countries from 1991 and ongoing, countries whose people were of no threat to us, despite the government’s propaganda. The two Bush presidents have caused many hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocents, waged a sicko-psychopathic torture campaign to get false confessions, and have caused blowback against America. I don’t like them either. Who cares what their skin color is. “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

If you want to call someone a racist, call Obama a racist. He is waging a racist drug war, in which police and prosecutors are concentrating mainly on throwing black Americans in prison for no good reason. The drug war incarceration rate for black people is higher than that of white people. You can Google that. But do Black Americans know or care about this? Many people, black or otherwise, do not know of the criminally racist policies of the Dear Leader who just got re-installed as Dictator-in-Chief. And despite his rhetoric on immigration, Obama has deported more immigrants than all other presidents. (i.e. he’s FOS)

But the reason that Obama supporters don’t know what their guy has been doing — his racist war on drugs — is because the news media do not report on these matters. Like the reporters’ comrades who embed themselves with the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the local reporters seem to delight in joining local police forces in their arrests, S.W.A.T. team raids etc. of those unfortunate enough to be victims of the government’s crimes against them. Many news reporters seem to go with the assumption that the police and prosecutors are good and right and their victims are bad and wrong. The government should be arresting people for possession of a plant, and for ingesting some substance into their own bodies!

Reporters do not seem to be asking questions as far as “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and especially “why.” They just seem to obediently go along with what they are reporting on like unthinking Goebbels stenographers. Perhaps the news reporters and editors of today can learn the concept of objectivity and the history behind their role of keeping the government in check, as they no longer seem to be teaching those things in the journalism schools.

So in his prosecuting the racist drug war, I guess that makes the Dear Leader a racist. But the sheeple don’t know this, and they don’t care. It’s Obama’s image that matters, and his teleprompter’s speaking abilities.

Some people believe that Obama is an anti-white racist as well. He spoke of his grandmother as a “typical white person.” Can you imagine a white politician speaking of a black woman as a “typical black person”? And also, besides running guns to gangs in Mexico that caused many deaths, AG Eric Holster has said that he won’t prosecute black defendants for voter intimidation. Holder defended his decision by expressing outrage at those who suggested that the voter intimidation case in Philadelphia in 2008 could compare to the voting rights struggle for “my people.” (See Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department by J. Christian Adams.)

And another thing about Obama, he did spend 20 years in the church of his very close minister, the paranoid anti-white racist and anti-Semite Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In 2008, many critics of Obama asked why Obama would continue attending the sermons of such a hateful, ignorant moron as Wright. Naturally, the news media wouldn’t cover any of that. Now, I happen to be Jewish, and I really couldn’t care less if someone wants to engage in name-calling if they are anti-Jewish, whatever. “Sticks and stones,” and all that. But if there were a white version of that Rev. Wright, the presidential candidate attending his church would have been ostracized and run out of the primaries immediately. Duh. There’s that double standard in this banana republic. And I am also reminded of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s reference to Jews as “Hymies” and New York as “Hymietown” during the 1984 presidential campaign. (But I won’t mention the 1969 Life Magazine article that quoted Jackson as saying that, as a hotel waiter, spitting into white people’s food gave him “psychological gratification.” I’m sure you can Google that if you’re not familiar with it.)

Anyway, We certainly do not have the “colorblind society” that one might think an evolved and modern society would have. Do we have a society in which people are not “judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”? No. Today, there is hate going both ways, and based on race, religion, ethnicity and other superficial factors. And we have “affirmative action,” which is not “affirmative, ” but in which people are accepted to colleges or hired at jobs based mainly on their skin color. Many people believe that Obama achieved his college acceptances based on that, and I believe that too. He himself has admitted that he was a druggie in his younger years. And there obviously is a good reason why we still haven’t seen any of his school transcripts. And millions of Americans voted for him in two presidential elections solely because of his race. I think that’s racist, but I hope I’m not going to be called a “racist” merely for telling the truth about these things. Also in recent years there have been those flash mob riots, in which black youths attack mainly white victims, and because they are white. The news media don’t report on all that because “we are a nation of cowards,” who don’t like to hear the truth about what’s going on. Another thing that concerns me is how, as I have noted here and here, the Obama Administration and FEMA are getting ready for mass detention camps. Given that Obama is heavily influenced by the racist, anti-Semite preacher mentioned above, well, that concerns me. As I have noted, I happen to be Jewish.

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