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More Comments on Sandy Hook

It’s been over a month now since the Sandy Hook school shootings, and we still don’t know whether or not the shooter(s) had been taking prescription drugs, such as psychopharmaceuticals. But I have these thoughts regarding this story.

Now, I can only go by the articles and videos I’ve seen about the Lanza family history that led to the Sandy Hook shootings. But my own personal conclusion is that the tragedy could have been prevented had Adam Lanza not been labeled with some syndrome or disease early in his life and placed on some prescription drug (as he probably was).

Do you think that the Lanzas’ separation in 2001 and divorce in 2009 could have had very negative effects on Adam Lanza? Could those things possibly have been contributors to the development of the problems he had while growing up?

I don’t know for sure whether or not Adam Lanza was on prescription drugs, because the people in control of that investigation won’t tell us (yet), but some people close to the family had said he was.

As an alternative to early labeling and possible drugging of a child, family therapy – that includes each member of the immediate family in attendance – could have been helpful to Adam Lanza even if the parents were going through a divorce. It is possible that the Lanzas tried family therapy with Adam, but we don’t know.

However, during the Lanza’s 2009 divorce, Mrs. Lanza was ordered to attend and had completed a “parenting education program.” (Sounds like something coming from a government bureaucrat, not a rational human being.)

As opposed to those pop culture psycho-trendy treatments these days, family therapy has been helpful to many people. A great book on family therapy is The Family Crucible: The Intense Experience of Family Therapy, by Augustus Napier and Carl Whitaker.

Drugs – prescription and otherwise – stifle an individual’s emotional growth, personality and self-expression, in my view.

But the pharmaceutical industry has profited greatly from many people’s problems, that’s for sure.

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